Preserving Their Minds

Summer is terrible. Oh sure, it’s sunny and warm, and everyone is running around like happy little gazelles in a Broadway musical, but under all of that so-called-fun lurks a […] Read more »

River Dad: I Already Miss…

Come September 2016, I will no longer have a child enrolled in elementary school. This is a milestone for every parent, and I won’t bother wasting column inches with the […] Read more »

River Dad – A Thanksgiving Evolution

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, but mostly a lot of food. People cook food, decorate food, talk about food, eat food, regurgitate food, pontificate upon food, and, in […] Read more »

River Dad ~ Renovation Machinations

My kitchen floor is covered in pink construction paper. This is not due to any delightful craft project of my daughter’s, nor is it because my son is transforming the […] Read more »

A Very River Dad Colonoscopy

One of the most important jobs of being River Dad is living long enough to be around when my children (in the very distant future) start parenting children of their […] Read more »
River Dad's New Year's Resolutions

River Dad – River Dad’s New Year’s Resolutions

Like all of you, I tend to make huge promises to myself every December 31st for New Year’s,  because everybody knows the best time for committing to life-changing decisions is […] Read more »
To Ski or Not to Ski

River Dad – To Ski or Not to Ski

  You may already know that I am not a fan of winter. There are many reasons why it ranks a solid fourth in the list of my favorite seasons […] Read more »

River Dad ~ Things Fall Apart

I remember being young and indestructible. While never a prime physical specimen with a body of chiseled marble, I have always been capable of at least moderate physical labor and […] Read more »

River Dad ~ Tooth and Consequences

I have a hole in my tooth and I am also missing two teeth. They weren’t knocked out by a scorching line drive or kicked out in a fight, I simply never […] Read more »
backyard playhouse

River Dad ~ Dismantling Childhood

When we bought our house here in Tarrytown, it came equipped with a ready-made backyard playhouse that I assume was built to code. It was a little worn down, yes, […] Read more »