Letter to the Editor: Election Day Incompetence is a From of Voter Suppression

Editor, River Journal: Not every example of voter suppression is intentional. Incompetence can also discourage voting and keep every vote from being counted. The State of New York has recently taken steps... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Senator Harckham

To the Editor: I just wanted to point out that Senator Harckham’s office came through for me during the Covid-19 emergency. When I applied for unemployment in March, after all of my... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: COVID-19 and the Impact on Our Elections

To the Editor: COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on our families, our economy, and our elections. But Congress has the power to intervene right now. In response to safety concerns and pressure from... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Why You Should Vote for Evelyn

I am writing to strongly urge the voters of the 17th District to make Evelyn Farkas their Congresswoman. When I met Evelyn I felt immediately that she was exactly what America needs... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Support for Mimi Rocah

To the Editor, In these turbulent times, when trust in government is at an all-time low, and the independence of our justice system is under attack, we need a leader like Mimi... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: How Far-Left Are You?

Editor: River Journal So, the latest poll shows Mondaire Jones in front of Evelyn Farkas and Adam Schleifler, who are tied for second. Let’s get real. How far-left are you? Do you... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Why I am Voting for David Carlucci For Congress

I’m a survivor of domestic violence. I grew up in Valley Cottage, Rockland County, an only child in an upper middle class family – certainly privileged, with two loving parents, a large... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: In Support of Evelyn Farkas

Editor, River Journal: As a 16-year Congressional staffer and a native of Dobbs Ferry, I was thrilled to learn of Evelyn Farkas’s campaign to succeed Representative Nita Lowey, in New York’s 17th... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Mondaire Jones is the Breath of Fresh Air we Desperately Need in NY-17

To the Editor: Jamaal Bowman, who is running for congress in NY-16, has been receiving well-deserved media coverage. But there is another congressional candidate whose brilliance and potential to create necessary change... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Why I’m Not Voting for Carlucci

I am not voting for David Carlucci for Congress. Elected as a Democrat, Carlucci co-founded the IDC and for almost 8 years aligned himself with Republicans in exchange for power and perks.... Read more »