Letter to the Editor: Time to Re-Open Cortlandt Town Hall

There is no science based evidence to continue to hold closed town meetings. Read more »

The Creation of Physical Art

When I was a freshman in college, I played tennis for The University of Hartford. Late in the season, we were playing an away match against our arch-rivals, Central Connecticut, and two... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Help for the Cruise Industry

I own Chris Caulfield-CruiseOne in Croton on Hudson, NY. My business has been severely impacted by the CDC order to shut down cruises from US ports. The long-awaited instructions issued on April... Read more »

A Friend Salutes the ‘Ultimate Community Person’ – Bruce Bellom 1954-2021

For those of you who knew Bruce Bellom, nothing I say will surprise you, and you could probably add pages and pages of great stories, memories, or things about him that show time and... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Removal of Dr. Stanley Friedlander from Planning Board

On April 5, 2021 the Tarrytown Board of Trustees voted to remove Dr. Stanley Friedlander from the position of Chairman of the Planning Board.  The proposed resolution to do this was not... Read more »

How Could We Ever Manage without Zoom? — A Personal Account

I’m dating again.  My faithful new companion is Zoom — my best and only date, my entire social life. One look at my calendar, and you’ll see. We go everywhere together. Zoom... Read more »

Op-Ed: In Celebration of National Doctors Day (March 30)

He redeployed his entire staff to work on the front lines in the hospital and saw a new level of coordination and commitment.   When the pandemic hit last March, all our... Read more »

5 Things to Know About Colorectal Cancer and Prevention

Though largely preventable, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S., as the American Cancer Society (ACS) alarms. Younger people are at risk for getting the disease... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Cortlandt Town Board Candidate Speaks Out

Dear residents of Cortlandt (including Buchanan, Croton, Montrose and Verplanck), My name is Cristin Jacoby, and I am writing to introduce myself as a candidate for Cortlandt Town Board. I am a... Read more »

Museum Seeks to Fund its Future by Celebrating Peekskill’s Past 

The Peekskill Museum commemorates its 75th anniversary in 2021, and it is asking the people of Peekskill for help.  The Herrick House, 124 Union Ave., Peekskill, is an authentic 146–year–old Victorian that, since 1946, has been home to the Museum.    The house was... Read more »