Local Brewery Celebrates 100th Batch with a Toast to Mental Health

Since opening its doors in 2018, Ossining’s Sing Sing Kill Brewery has reached its landmark 100th brew. And while celebration comes with any number of complications during a global pandemic, co-owners Eric Gearity and Matt Curtin... Read more »

James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans

In acknowledgement of the immeasurable contribution that Black and Indigenous communities have made to the modern American foodscape, The James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Investment Fund for Black and Indigenous Americans... Read more »

Keep the Dream Alive – Joe the Baker

On December 8, 2020, Joe Liga, a man known to all as “Joe the Baker”, passed away at the age of 49. Just 14 months earlier, Joe had fulfilled a life-long dream by... Read more »

Local Makers: Second in a Series

Continuing our foodie journey through the River Towns that began in our November 2020 issue, here are three more passionate local suppliers, offering deliciousness for the holidays.  There’s Something Deliciously Fishy About this... Read more »

A Specialty Shop with a Flair for Flavor

If you are looking for unique olive oils and vinegars, Phat Olive in Katonah is the place to go.   Owned by Peekskill residents and millennials Matt DiCairano, 30, and his fiancé, Jill Krumholtz, 29, they say the store is the only one of its kind in northern... Read more »

Local Makers: First in a Series – Libations for All Occasions

Local, sustainable, flavorful, and fresh.   These are the adjectives most often used by the numerous outstanding artisanal food and drink producers in our area. But there’s one more common factor: passion.   As River Journal embarks on a new... Read more »

RJ Eats-Stand Up Foodie at 105-Twenty

Check out the newest addition to the River Journal and RJ Eats team. It’s Stand Up Foodie. You can see all her great Insta videos HERE. While there, don’t miss her 60... Read more »

Clean and Healthy New York Honors New York Businesses with a “Bold Vision for a Healthy Future”

Ossining’s Good Choice Kitchen Receives Bold Vision Award. Clean and Healthy New York celebrated its 14th anniversary Thursday night. The celebration theme was a “Bold Vision for a Healthy Future.” Recognizing how... Read more »

Compliments of the Chef: Black Truffle Adds ‘Perfect Decadence’ to Goosefeather Wontons 

River Journal occasionally will share recipes for some of the most popular dishes at our favorite local restaurants.    My mom’s wonton soup is my favorite thing ever.   Mine is not the exact recipe, but I... Read more »

Black-Owned Restaurants in the River Towns to Order From Right Now

On June 19, we celebrated Juneteenth, the ending of slavery in 1865 and continue to educate ourselves about our history. It is our responsibility to listen, learn, and take action in order... Read more »