February 2017 Education Roundup

As we slide into February and enjoy our first solid dumping of snow, students in the region have lots to celebrate aside from snow days. This month we Talk Science, […] Read more »

January 2017 Education Roundup

We may be at the start of a calendar year, but the area schools are going strong! 2017’s inaugural Education Roundup includes an earth-shaking lesson, an excellent Argentinian, a trip […] Read more »

What Are Those Kids Up To?

December 2016 Education Roundup Holidays are coming, the goose is getting fat, but first we’re going to take a gander at just what our area schools are up to as […] Read more »

November 2016 Education Roundup

Halloween has passed, which means the tourists have receded,and our area students can refocus on school! This month’s Educational Roundup includes student-made robots, a Hall of Fame coach, a visit […] Read more »

October 2016 Education Roundup

We start the school year welcoming a fourth school district to the Roundup, as Ossining joins the team! This month’s Educational Roundup includes a really good volleyball player, a shared […] Read more »

Old Familiar Face Becomes New School Superintendent

When Christopher Borsari was offered the position of Superintendent of Schools for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, he didn’t need to go to great lengths to learn about the […] Read more »

Preserving Their Minds

Summer is terrible. Oh sure, it’s sunny and warm, and everyone is running around like happy little gazelles in a Broadway musical, but under all of that so-called-fun lurks a […] Read more »

June 2016 Education Roundup

Summer is right around the corner! But before our students will run wild and free for two months, they have paused to amaze and astound as they continued to achieve […] Read more »

Educational Updates In Irvington

Students Take Part in Robotics Surgery This May, twelve Irvington High School students took part in a two-night robotics surgery program at White Plains Hospital. They met with a surgeon […] Read more »

Educational Updates from Briarcliff Manor

Westchester Chemical Society Honors Briarcliff Senior Senior Aishwarya Sritharan was awarded the Westchester Chemical Society’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in High School Chemistry. She received her award at the Westchester […] Read more »