When Westchester was the President’s Home Away from Home

The catchy lyrics and memorable melodious music of Happy Days Are Here Again echoed through the large meeting room at Cortlandt Town Hall.  It was a sunny September Saturday afternoon […] Read more »

Diary of a Poll Worker – Election Day is Nov 8

I registered to be a Westchester poll worker because I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. According to the media, social media, and the house in our neighborhood […] Read more »

Journaling: Nothing to Lose

It’s November 2042 and a grade schooler is asking his grandfather, “Is it true people in elections used to do something called ‘lose’?” The wise elder replies, ”Yes, Aegon, that […] Read more »

Mid-Term Elections on the Local and National Stage  

River Journal invited all candidates representing our coverage area to submit campaign statements, listed here in alphabetical order for each office. All information is authored by the candidates. If a […] Read more »

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef Awarded Legislator of the Year by Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Assemblywoman Sandy Galef was recognized this week by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) as Legislator of the Year for her leadership on Bryan Johnson’s Law (A6101A). This award identifies state […] Read more »

$1 Million of State Funding Approved for Critical Cortlandt Sewer Project

$1,000,000 of state funding has been appropriated for the proposed Furnace Woods Sewer Project, a critical infrastructure investment in the Town of Cortlandt that will benefit numerous residents and a […] Read more »

Letter to the Editor: August Primaries a Travesty

New York officials should never again schedule an August Congressional primary. The August 23rd primary date is a travesty –a form of voter suppression. Many voters are on vacation. Other […] Read more »

Virtual Environmental Candidates Forum for Congressional District 17 Democratic Party Candidates

A coalition of more than a dozen local and regional environmental and social justice groups will press Democratic Party candidates in Congressional District 17 (CD17) for answers on how they […] Read more »

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Endorses Rep. Mondaire Jones

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi today endorsed Rep. Mondaire Jones in the Democratic Primary for New York’s 10th Congressional District. “Mondaire Jones has gotten real results for New Yorkers,” […] Read more »

State Representatives Highlight $350,000 in Funding For Latino U College Access

New York State Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Senator Shelley B. Mayer, Assemblymember Amy Paulin, and Assemblymember Chris Burdick today highlighted $350,000 secured in the New York State budget for Latino […] Read more »