Run River Dad, Run

River Dad ~ Run, River Dad, Run

When I was in college, I was thin as a reed. I weighed maybe 155 pounds and had to force-feed myself mounds of chocolate and beer to make up for all the... Read more »
When Homework Attacks

River Dad ~ When Homework Attacks!

What is the purpose of homework? I do not ask that to be argumentative or damning or tree-hugging. I truly am curious about the expressed purpose of homework. I seem to recall,... Read more »

River Dad ~ Dipping a Toe… Into the Workforce

I have been a stay-at-home dad for 7 years. Not that I haven’t worked off and on during this period of my life, but I have not commuted to an office, had... Read more »

River Dad – Fish Gotta Swim, Kids Gotta Run

When you look at a smiling eight-year-old child, what do you see? Do you see a young mind, eager to learn and grow into a fully fledged human being? Do you see... Read more »
Baseball is a rough game

River Dad – Get a (Sporting) Life

Baseball is a rough game: blazing 90-mile-an-hour fastballs leaving trails of smoke in their wake, runners barreling into the catcher to score a much-needed run, fights on the mound, line drives zeroing... Read more »
Christopher Cluet, Tarrytown Schools Superintendant

River Dad – Advice for the New Superintendent

Most of you know that River Family lives in Tarrytown. Some of you may even know that our family includes two River Children who go to the public schools here in town.... Read more »
River Dad - The Evolution of Funny

River Dad – The Evolution of Funny

I’m a funny guy. I don’t just say that because I think I’m funny, I mean that I am actually, officially, a funny person. I studied comedy in college, took classes and... Read more »

River Dad – An Unfunny River Dad

I have spent the last few years using this column to express my thoughts, concerns, and experiences being a parent of two young children in the Rivertowns, in a hopefully humorous manner.... Read more »
River Dad Christmas Trees

River Dad – Consider the Trees

  It is the holiday season, which means that by the time you read this I will have committed murder. My victim will be a tree, one that has never caused me... Read more »
River Dad's Silly Sandy Journal

River Dad – River Dad’s Silly Sandy Journal

Sunday, October 28, 2012 – 2:37 p.m. Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy is coming. I’m not that worried. Irene hit last year and we survived. Read more »