River Dad, Doing Halloween Right

I seriously dig Halloween. I mean honestly; candy, ghosts, candy, goblins, candy, vampires, candy and candy. What’s not to love? Plus, when I run around on the other 364 nights of the... Read more »

River Dad, Remaining Masculine in a Feminine World

My feet are silky smooth and my toes look great! Perhaps I should start at the beginning. Being a manly, studly, masculine Stay-at-Home Dad, I’ve been doing a lot of work in... Read more »

River Dad, The Babysitter Racket

Once you have children, the most primal, basic drive of every parent becomes the need to temporarily get away from them. This is why God invented babysitters — a unique breed of... Read more »

River Dad, How I Spent My Summer Quadricentennial

This summer, we in the Rivertowns are celebrating the Quadricentennial Anniversary of One Man’s Voyage up a River While Searching for a Way to China. It’s been made out to be a... Read more »

River Dad, What Happened To Summer?

Not to sound like a grumpy octogenarian shaking his fist at those dang kids from the safety of his front stoop, but back in my day summer meant something. It meant freedom. Read more »

River Dad, Mommy Issues

Happy Mother’s Day! Alongside this River Dad is a River Mom – the amazing woman who stands resolute with her husband, goes into the city to earn real money, and copy edits... Read more »

River Dad, Goodnight Moons

Each morning at Tappan Hill Kindergarten begins with a question posted outside the classroom door. The kids try to read the question and then answer it by sticking a Polaroid photo of... Read more »

River Dad, The Political Toddler

My son gets out of pre-school at noon, which was extremely inconvenient on January 20th because I wanted to watch the Inauguration of Barack Obama. I arrived to pick him up at... Read more »

River Dad vs. Old Man Winter

I’m a native Californian, which means that until a couple of years ago, winter meant having to wear long sleeves and something other than Tevas for a month. Read more »

River Dad, Fairy Tales of Lyndhurst

My 5-year old daughter loves fairy tales and princesses. Shocking, I know. Looking to capitalize on the obvious connection between fairy tales and Gothic revival architecture, Lyndhurst is once again presenting their... Read more »