Journaling: Rolling on the River

My brother Stephen drove his car flush into a tree one night, almost 50 years ago, ending his life. He had never been the same after our gentle mother was struck down... Read more »

Journaling: A Queen and Her Cortlandt  

The first time I met Linda Puglisi was memorable. As I imagine it is for just about anyone when they first make her acquaintance.   In my case, it was a scheduled meeting,... Read more »

Journaling: Party of One

At a fundraiser in Peekskill the other day, one of the guests used the opportunity of a Q&A session to praise the featured speaker … for not being a political extremist. What a quaint notion that.  “I... Read more »

Journaling: Unmasking Halloween

What are your plans for Halloween 2021?    Will you mask up? Or mask out?   Are you ready to scare up some harmless fun?   Or do you think every day is plenty scary enough in this... Read more »

Journaling: Dialing 9/11 

In the second week of September 2001 I had scheduled a business trip to southern California.    My colleague based there called me at the end of the prior week, encouraging me to fly out a day earlier than planned to... Read more »

Opt-ical Illusions

Bruce Apar is Editorial Director + Associate Publisher of River Journal North Author’s Note: Mom + Pop Culture are a couple of real characters. They could be you and me. Or not.... Read more »

Journaling: The Roses Await

You may recall, depending how many rings encircle your trunk, an irreverent prime-time “news” program titled “That Was the Week That Was.” Also known by its shorthand of  TW3, the NBC version... Read more »

Running Away from Office

We were beginning to wonder, What’s going on?   Then, just as April was passing the baton to May, word arrived that yes, indeed, there will be a two-party election in Peekskill this year.  The what’s-going-on part simply... Read more »


Any guy who tells you Adam’s descendants are inherently superior to Eve’s is one of two things: drunk or delusional. Or both. C’mon, man. How much more proof do we need that it just ain’t the case.   Brawn never has impressed me... Read more »

The Incurious American

If you’ve logged a decent number of miles, chances are “The Ugly American” is a familiar phrase. Derived from the title of a landmark 1950s bestseller about America’s misadventures in Southeast Asia, it soon became a redolent epiphet that... Read more »