Billy Joel calls it “a lonely word.” “Everyone is so untrue,” he sings.   His meaning is romantic, and sorry if I wax pedantic, but it is hard to shake the feeling that Honesty is an endangered virtue.   I can... Read more »

Stuff About Stuffing

Roasted bird with a side of specially flavored soft bread [which rules out matzoh] may have been the earliest precursor to Thanksgiving stuffing. Read more »

The Virgin Thanksgiving

On Dec 4, 1619, the good ship Margaret made landfall on the banks of the James River. With the men gathered around him, the captain said, “We do ordain that this day... Read more »

Reality TV of the Realest 

The realest kind of reality TV was seen in Croton-on-Hudson a couple weeks ago. Broadcast on the Zoom channel, it was a Community Conversation on Diversity & Inclusion in our Schools, hosted by the Croton-Harmon school district in alliance with the NYU Steinhardt Center for Strategic... Read more »


This is the month kids look forward to, so they can put on masks and costumes to play pretend in public.  I’m a sucker for the playfulness and general weirdness that haunts Halloween. If my surname were... Read more »


  Zoom meetings. Zoom schooling. Zoom happy hours. Zoom blind dates. Zoom original plays. Zoom job interviews. Zoom religious services. Zoom fitness classes. Zoom funerals. Zoom weddings.   Why not, we thought, a Zoom page... Read more »

RJ/RJN April Preview > Inside a Cyber Classroom

Students Are Experiencing a New Kind of ‘Home’ Room We’re busy at work assembling the April 2020 edition of the combined River Journal/River Journal North. Not surprisingly, there is ample coverage of... Read more »

Keep Your Social Media Distance

This is the best of times to be on social media. This is the worst of times to be on social media. If that sounds Dickensian, why not? We’re all living a... Read more »

Special Offer for Business Owners Doing Good: A Free Video

Chuck Newman is virtually a household name in Peekskill. And for good reasons.  One is that his family has been an integral part of the City’s business-and-social fabric for generations.  Another reason... Read more »

Shelf Awareness Meets Self Awareness

It’s fascinating how, in times of mutual duress, we self-select silos to inhabit. For the sake of simplicity — if over-generalization — let’s look at binary silos.  For example, in one silo... Read more »