5 Ways to Adopt a Growth Mindset for Your Child’s Learning

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Summer Fun that Prepares Students for Fall

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Beyond the Classroom: Take a Test to Help Your Child

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Beyond the Classroom: Embrace Errors and Grow Your Brain 

Psychologists know that brain science teaches us about the most interesting elements of learning. Mistakes, for instance, will actually grow us in both conscious and unconscious ways. And as parents, we need to... Read more »

No One Told Me There’d Be Math! 

Some  kids say, “I’m bad at math,” and some parents say it too. If you can manage your math anxiety, and do some modelling, you can help your child.   Model how you... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom: It’s Time to Get Your Hands on Project-Based Learning 

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Beyond the Classroom: Making Math Fun

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Beyond the Classroom: Living with — But Not Loving — Virtual Learning

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Beyond the Classroom: Taking the Stress Out of Taking the Test 

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Beyond the Classroom- Finding Your Child’s Learning Rhythm

As the holiday season revs up, we see the outline of this year’s edition of our children’s school life. We piece together grades and notes from teachers with sporadic anecdotes from our kids, their friends,... Read more »