A Market with a Mission: TaSH AT 10

“It’s been such a passionate labor of love,” says Tammy Bordeaux, one of the two current co-presidents of the TaSH Farmers Market in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, looking back on […] Read more »

Artisanal Bakeries Are on the Rise

Ever wondered about the collective noun for a group of bakers? It turns out there are many. You can choose from an aroma of bakers, a kneading, a tabernacle, a […] Read more »

Do You Want to Be a Highway Hero? 

Editor’s Note: This article is a follow up to an article from April 2024 calling for volunteers to join the effort. You’d be surprised what people throw out of their […] Read more »

Sharing Common Ground

Well-tended gardens flourish in maturity, and the same is true of garden clubs. The Little Gardens of Tarrytown, now celebrating 100 years of horticultural contributions to the local community, is […] Read more »

Will You Help End Briarcliff’s Trash-pocalypse, Now? 

Have you noticed that we’re living in a new world of trash? It’s not like people – or should I say anti-social jerks – never previously tossed rubbish out of […] Read more »

Making Hollywood Magic in Peekskill

Take one empty warehouse with leaky walls at the Hat Factory in Peekskill, build it out into a sound-proofed, acoustically pleasing audio space, fill it with stages, control and editing […] Read more »

New Leadership at Phelps

Beata Mastalerz’s new job would give anyone pause for thought. In her role as the new executive director at Phelps Hospital, she is responsible for day-to-day management, steering growth, and […] Read more »

Sowing Creative Oats – RiverArts Supports Local Artists

As readers of River Journal have long known, our River Towns enjoy a rich artistic population. Writers, painters, musicians and other talented folk exist in all our neighborhoods, and there’s […] Read more »

Local Dancers Take Center Stage in WBC’s Nutcracker

It wouldn’t be Christmas in the River Towns without the Westchester Ballet Company’s annual production of The Nutcracker.   But this year’s Nutcracker breaks several molds for the Ossining-based, non-profit youth […] Read more »

Irvington Author’s Fire and Flood Examines Climate Crisis 

The American Meteorological Society, composed of the 13,000 weather men and women who deliver our daily weather predictions, has picked its book of the year: Fire and Flood by Eugene […] Read more »