Heaven and Earth: Solar Installation Reflects Maryknoll Mission

An Ossining-based Catholic missionary group is looking to the heavens to reflect its commitment to protecting the Earth. Groundbreaking is scheduled for April 19 at the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers’ Ryder Road... Read more »

Shining a Bright Light on the Power of Solar  

Croton-on-Hudson’s legacy of political and social activism forged a century ago has been more recently buttressed by its role in ​battling to cap a waterfront dump and repelling a gas pipeline from... Read more »

The Joy of Celebrating Small 

Many of my clients have discovered a new outlook on marking special occasions: the joy of celebrating small. The pandemic may have forced us to minimize group size for the safety of all, but I’m hoping this... Read more »

7 Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

Do you love gardening but feel limited by your space?  77 percent of households are currently interested in gardening due to its therapeutic benefits. And the good news is, even if you... Read more »

How To Choose Your Architect and Contractor

Are you thinking of building a home, or commercial improvement project? If so, you are going to need an architect and a contractor. But how to choose the right ones, who will help you achieve your... Read more »

Novel Ways to Make Yourself at Home

Most of us have been “social distancing” for several weeks now. Although we have to get out of the house for groceries, a walk, or a sanity escape, we’ve been spending way... Read more »

Around the House: Cooking Up a Hot Looking Kitchen

Who hasn’t entertained the idea of renovating their kitchen? All the cool pictures we see on Pinterest and HGTV make it seem so appealing. But it’s important to realize how many big... Read more »

Decorating for the Darker Months … Let’s Get Cozy

We’ve been pretty fortunate with this year’s mild winter, but there’s something about the short days that makes me want to stay inside. I love being warm at home on a cold,... Read more »

Kids & Dogs – Designing for Our “Real” Lives

  We love our kids.  We love our dogs.  But both can wreak havoc in a well-designed home.  However, there are products you can use to protect the life of your furniture without sacrificing style. You want your family to enjoy their... Read more »

Around the House: The New Traditionalism – Everything Old is New Again

  When someone describes their house as traditional, what do you think of? For me, it brings to mind an older home filled with an assortment of family antiques, an overload of... Read more »