Letter to the Editor: Catherine Borgia’s Deceit Shames Us All

Dear Sir/Madam: If the purpose of speech is to communicate, why then should someone say that which is not true? It is disturbing enough that we see our officials in Washington create... Read more »

Op-Ed: Raise the Age Implementation

The Sky did not fall… On October 1st, all our children in New York State will be treated as children in the criminal justice system. Westchester Children’s Association (WCA) led the raise... Read more »

Letter To the Editor: Join Us to Learn about the New York Health Act

To the Editor: Last month one of the most trusted pharmaceutical companies in our country, Johnson and Johnson, was found by a court in Oklahoma to be liable for its contribution to... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Join Us at the Croton Rotary Auto Show

Dear Editor: The Croton Rotary Club of the Croton-on-Hudson community is a tremendous supporter of our village, school district, and the greater community. Its mission of providing humanitarian service and encouraging high... Read more »

Op-Ed: Money Changes Everything: Why an Accurate Census Count Matters 

It is in the collective interest of everyone in Westchester County for all households to complete the census questionnaire in 2020. That is not likely to happen, however, if a question about citizenship is included... Read more »

Op-Ed: Opposition to Family Separation and Indecent Conditions in Children’s Detention Centers

What is happening to children at our borders is unacceptable.  A few months ago the news reported that children were being forcibly torn from their families when they crossed the border into... Read more »

Letter to the Editor – Leaf Blower Noise Level Concerns

The use of gas powered leaf blowers reminds me of second hand smoke. We used to smoke in our homes, restaurants, air planes, hospitals…anywhere. Then we discovered the danger of second hand... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: In Praise of NY Leadership

To the Editor and readers of River Journal: I write in praise of our New York State government leaders. Where other states pass laws that force women to endure unnecessary pelvic exams... Read more »

Op-Ed: Planet Earth Needs Our Help. Here’s One Way to Take Action Now! 

“We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children” Native American Proverb  Are you troubled by the climate crisis but not sure where to begin? If... Read more »

Hastings School Working to Bring Nature to Seniors

In Hastings on Hudson, there is a project-based school called Hudson Lab School (our school) and we have an Intergenerational Program. That is because we are located in the Andrus on Hudson skilled... Read more »