Letter to the Editor: Why I am Supporting Mondaire Jones for Congress

I am supporting Mondaire Jones for Congress. I first met Mondaire on January 9, 2020. My father and I drove to a rally in Hastings on a very frigid winter’s night to... Read more »

Op-Ed: Why I am supporting Carlucci for Congress

David Carlucci is a champion for all of his constituents and a forceful advocate for the people whose needs he represents. I met Senator Carlucci last year in my junior year of... Read more »

Op-Ed: Generation Z Speaks Out: Adam Schleifer Will Fight For Our Future

We are young people today, and we are gravely concerned for our future. Our horizon is overcast with endemic gun violence, global inaction on climate-change, and pervasive wealth and racial inequality: a country,... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Will US Postal Service Issues Impact Upcoming Elections?

I continue to receive frequent complaints about the US Postal Service from residents who complain about late mail delivery, mail being delivered to wrong addresses, checks, bills not arriving, not receiving prescription... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: The Problem with Self-Funded Campaigns by Wealthy Candidates

Adam Schleifer, a democratic primary candidate for the NY-17 Congressional seat, recently penned an op-ed about the reasons many Americans do not vote. But he missed a major factor in low voter... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Why I’m supporting Mondaire Jones

My Jewish ancestors came to this country fleeing violence to find opportunity and safety in America. I grew up on stories of their bravery in seeking a better life in a new... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Electric School Buses Better for Environment

The heavy batteries located underneath the electric buses provide extra stability and safety. Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Croton Schools Proposition 3 Is Bad for the Climate

Proposition 3 on the upcoming [June 9] Croton-Harmon school board ballot calls for the purchase of gasoline powered rather than electric vehicles. Read more »
Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins’ on Westchester County Reopening to Phase 1

Dear Friends, You’ll be pleased to know that today, Tuesday, May 26th, Westchester as part of the Mid-Hudson Region, is reopening to Phase 1 of Governor Cuomo’s “Forward” Plan having met all... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Support for Mondaire Jones

To the editor: In such an uncertain time due to the coronavirus, it is important this primary season to vote for candidates who will prioritize our basic needs like clean air, clean... Read more »