Educational Updates in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow

Middle Schooler Creates a Little Free Library Seventh-grader Sydney Schulz recently unveiled the newest addition to facade of Winfield Morse Elementary School in Sleepy Hollow – a Little Free Library. […] Read more »

May 2016 Education Roundup

Spring is in full swing, and even though student thoughts are already turning to summer, they are still managing to accomplish and experience some amazing things. This month’s Educational Roundup […] Read more »

River Dad: I Already Miss…

Come September 2016, I will no longer have a child enrolled in elementary school. This is a milestone for every parent, and I won’t bother wasting column inches with the […] Read more »

Shrinking Tax Cap Allowance Challenges 2016-2017 Village Budgets

It was billed as a 2% tax cap. Voters went to the booth and approved the measure thinking they had scored a blow for good governance and that the measure […] Read more »
Sophomore Cristian Ishoo and senior Madison Carelli

April 2016 Education Roundup

The days are getting longer, giving our area students even more time to achieve amazing things. This month’s Educational Roundup includes award-winning science papers with words like hematopoietic and transmembrane […] Read more »

Area Schools Squeezed by Tax Cap Formula

It is never easy for a school district to put together a budget.  The simple fact is that doing exactly what was done the year before will just cost more […] Read more »

Tarrytown’s First Female Fire Department Chief

Kelly M. Murphy has been a lifelong resident of the Village of Tarrytown. She was born and raised in the community and has served proudly as a 1st Assistant Chief […] Read more »
Lexi Martins

March 2016 Education Roundup

What seems like an early spring has brought with it plenty of  exciting news from our area schools. This month’s Educational Roundup includes a former alum lighting up the NCAA […] Read more »

Voice-Over Pro Opens Doors in Irvington

Odds are, you know Peter Rofé.   You may not have ever met him, and you probably wouldn’t recognize him on the street, but it’s a very good bet you’ve […] Read more »

February 2016 Education Roundup: Tarrytown

Washington Irving’s Masks Sparkle Third grade art students at the Washington Irving School celebrated the art of the mask with their own, unique creations. After first learning all about how […] Read more »