Croton’s New Assistant for New Village Manager  

Cortlandt resident Thomas Morzello, the new Assistant to incoming Village Manager Bryan Healy for Croton-on-Hudson, took advantage of remote learning during the pandemic to gain on-the-job experience – working for rehab clinic Hello Health – while... Read more »

It Takes a Village Manager – The Life of Brian

Bryan Healy starts his tenure as the new Village Manager of Croton-on-Hudson on Aug. 9, 2021, and don’t let his status as a fresh-faced Millennial fool you. Driven by an earnest work ethic, he’s already... Read more »

Obituary: Daisy Ugalde Morabito

Daisy Ugalde Morabito was born July 1, 1952 in Tarrytown, New York and died on July 21, 2021 in Tualatin, Oregon. Daisy was raised in Tarrytown, New York where she attended school... Read more »

Local Restaurant Owner Receives Empire Award for Community Service

Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick presented a New York State Senate Empire Award to Elmer Oliveros, owner of the Brothers Fish and Chips restaurant in Ossining, recognizing his contributions to local COVID relief efforts... Read more »

Hire the Right HVAC Contractor with These Useful Tips

A heating and cooling system is a luxury that every home needs, if you can afford it, in order to have the ideal temperature within your home or business. This system controls... Read more »

Local Chamber Of Commerce Urges Congress to Reconsider Antitrust Proposals

Businesses Of All Sizes Relied On Digital Platforms Throughout The Pandemic Citing the importance of digital platforms for small businesses and Westchester’s start-up community, the Sleepy Hollow-Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce this week... Read more »

Ossining’s Jazz at the Lodge Gets its Groove Back

The sound of the Hammond B3 organ runs through American music like a soulful stream, informing every genre from gospel hymns, to jazz and R&B standards, to some of the most classic... Read more »

Road Collisions: How to Avoid Danger and Stay Safe After They Happen

After a road collision, there are certain steps you should take to avoid danger and stay safe. These steps should be taken to follow the law, as well as getting the insurance... Read more »

How Much Time Do Americans Spend on Online Games?

People seem to be spending more and more time playing online games. But exactly how much time do Americans spend gaming on the internet? How much time do people spend playing online... Read more »

Tarrytown Mayoral Race Heats Up Early

River Journal, as a matter of policy, does not endorse any candidates for local elections. Tarrytown residents will have a packed ballot come November in the village’s 2021 mayoral race. Three candidates... Read more »