Yup, I’m Still Talking About Meditation…

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Is Meditation Advisable For Everyone?

  I ask this very insightful question as I am going through the process of reintroducing meditation into my daily life (for at least for 5 minutes—which in turn ends […] Read more »

Forget the New YEAR’S Resolutions and Start with the New MONTHLY Resolutions!

A Facebook friend of mine, whom I don’t interact with and can’t hardly remember from high school (typical Facebook friend right?), posted something on her own fitness blog that I […] Read more »

Hello Happy New Year’s Resolutions and Goodbye Willpower!

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Hangover Cures We’re All Thankful For… Even Your Trainer!

So I came across this article that I really wanted to share. While any fitness professional always wants to be just that, a professional in fitness and health and wellness […] Read more »
Holiday cookie

How to Shed the Pounds When They Won’t Seem to Budge

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I Would Like to Add to That 15 Minute Workout, If I May!

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How to Avoid the Overeating that Comes with Thanksgiving

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15 minutes of exercise

Fact: Even 15 Minutes of Exercise CAN Prolong Your Life… Need I Say More?

Awhile back I was on this “Get in at least 15 minutes of exercise a day” kick where I was telling everyone from my boss to my mom to my […] Read more »
exercising with a cold

Exercising with a Cold… The Good, Bad and Very Ugly!

I have a cold and it stinks. It refuses to go away and instead decided to infiltrate itself even more into my life by turning my little cutie pie snuggly baby […] Read more »