Forget the New YEAR’S Resolutions and Start with the New MONTHLY Resolutions!

A Facebook friend of mine, whom I don’t interact with and can’t hardly remember from high school (typical Facebook friend right?), posted something on her own fitness blog that I fell in love with (this might make us friends after all!). Her idea for the new year was not to make one big resolution that was vague and unclear, therefore destined to be unfulfilled and cause major disappointment in one’s life. Nope. She wasn’t having that. Instead, she came up with small monthly goals and practices that may or may not make an impact on her life. And if the practice goes well for the one month, she can choose to continue that practice into the next month while tackling that month’s goal. (Did I explain that well?) I love it. I like things that have a beginning and an end. When you know there is a time frame and you’re not looking down the barrel of a what’s sure to be long year, this makes small goals and good feelings of success a reality. Absolute genius.

So I am pledging to make 2012 count this year and I’m going to actually accomplishing things. (Even just thinking about it makes me feel good.)

So here is my list for the year, each month taking on something new. Let me know what you think!

Jan: Meditate every day for at least 5 minutes

Feb: Perform 100 mountain climbers to 1 min plank hold a day

March: 20 push ups a day

April: Eat vegetarian

May: Run 5 miles a week

June: No chocolate

July: Five 1-min plank holds a day

August: Eat Paleo (like a caveman – yikes!)

September: Stretch each day for 10 minutes

October: Write down 1 positive affirmation each day

November: Save $1 a day to donate to a charity at the end of the month

December: Keep a gratitude journal and write down three things each day I’m thankful for.

So there it is, I got it down in writing and I’m posting it up so I can see it every day. 2012 will certainly be an interesting and fun year!

Happy New Year!!

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