Hangover Cures We’re All Thankful For… Even Your Trainer!

So I came across this article that I really wanted to share. While any fitness professional always wants to be just that, a professional in fitness and health and wellness and all those good things, it’s difficult to sometimes admit out loud that there are times we, too, fall off the wagon. Way off the wagon. It happens, we’re not a perfect lot. Many of us have imperfections galore that we’re able to conveniently hide behind our line of questioning, since it’s always aimed at you, the client, and never at us, the professional. We never have to talk about ourselves, or have to deal with our clients asking us how our eating was over the weekend and if we got our cardio sessions in. Nosiree. We’re all about diversion; casting the hot light bulb over your heads and asking you how far YOU fell off the wagon over the holiday weekend. Pay no mind to our glazed over eyes and slightly distracted brain as we try to gracefully ward off a bout of nausea. It’s not about us and for that we’re thankful!

That being said, this is an article I’m happy to have found and happy to share and pass along to you, since we’re all adults here and no matter how many times I will  tell you to watch your portions and make sure to limit your alcohol intake, let’s be honest and realize that both of us are going to go overboard every now and again… ’tis the season! Here’s the article that will hopefully save you from the day-long-debilitaing hangover that will inevitably follow after a night of drinking, caroling and table dancing. May some of these foods provide for you the hangover cure we all crave the second we open our eyes and realize our mouths are dryer than a piece of sandpaper. Enjoy www.Huffigtonpost.com! (The gingerbread one is my favorite… and yes, I realize I’m sharing too much now!)

Therefore I have to end off sounding as professional as I can by saying that no matter how far off the wagon you fall, stumble, or roll all the way to the down to the gravely ravine, you can always pick yourself up, dust off the ashes and get back on that wagon. It’s always there waiting for you!

And lastly, if I don’t get back to writing another truly informative blog before Christmas, I wish you all a happy and healthy Merry Christmas  🙂

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