Exercising with a Cold… The Good, Bad and Very Ugly!

exercising with a coldI have a cold and it stinks. It refuses to go away and instead decided to infiltrate itself even more into my life by turning my little cutie pie snuggly baby into a hot snotty mess. And heaven forbid I should wipe this snotty headed monster, I’m met with such fierce wailing and unyielding determination to turn his head in a complete circle so as to avoid my wipe.BONUS: He’s a thumb sucker too so every few minutes it’s like he’s coming up for air… when’s he gonna get it?

Actually though, what’s even more annoying is the little voice in my head telling me to workout despite feeling so lousy. I mean, what BETTER excuse could one have at this point in time other than, “I’m sick, I can’t work out! How dare you suggest such a thing! I’m on the sofa, can’t you see? I’m eating chocolate because (sad eyes here), it makes me feeeeeel better. Don’t you want me to feeeeeeel better?”

Even though you’re totally justified in wanted to sit on the sofa and feel miserable, there does come a point when that turns very bad and very ugly. There most certainly comes a time when you need to peel yourself off the sofa, pull the crusty blanket from your crusty bathrobe and get your butt in gear. It’s not going to be pretty (your red face will be covered in snots as if your nose were a faucet) but that’s ok. You don’t have to look pretty when exercising, you’re not supposed to. The important thing is to make sure you don’t let this cold derail you! It’s SO FREAKING easy to let exercise go by the wayside when you’re sick and sometimes it’s totally justifiable, I mean, you do need to let your body rest, but don’t let one or two days of rest turn into one or two weeks. That there is a classic case of ‘sick pity’. You pity yourself and when you pity the fool, you get Mr. T in your face ready for a throw down… or something like that.

Don’t pity yourself. Get up and get moving! What’s the good, bad and very ugly that could happen? The good that can come from short bouts of exercise could actually be a shorter life span of your cold. The bad is not getting out of that nasty bathrobe. And the very ugly (which is what you want) is the face full of snots that’s smiling after a great workout!

Take control of your cold, don’t let it take control of you! (Despite feeling lousy, I get up there every day and teach my class and afterwards, I feel a little better each time.)

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