How to Avoid the Overeating that Comes with Thanksgiving

ThanksgivingIt’s right there on the horizon; so close you can almost smell it. And fast on its heel is the holiday season with merry songs already hitting the airwaves. Every year it seems to come at you at such an ungodly speed that stopping to think about what you’re shoving into your mouth isn’t even an option because, let’s be honest, if you don’t grab at it quickly enough, it could be gone! (“It” being the tasty, fatty appetizers, the loaded holiday drinks and the decadent desserts that could feed a small village… or your big, pants popping family!)

Once it’s blown past you, there you are lying in its wake wondering what the hell just ran you over. (That would be Tom the Turkey and his entourage of tasty treats!)

Not this year though. Nope, it’s not going to happen to you again, this time you’re armed and ready to face the endless buffet table with its countless servings. This time you’re prepared.


Of course! And I’ll tell you why. After reading this informative rant you will have all the tools necessary to fend of any good-looking baked brie with fresh cranberry sauce, dried apricots and toasted almonds sprinkled on top. You will NOT ask for seconds of any dinner item and you will be surprised at how unattractive that double layer pumpkin cheesecake with a warm caramel sauce really is!

Here are the three things you’ll need in your arsenal to be able to accomplish such feats!

1. A number you can visualize.

Not just any number though. No, the number I’m talking about is most likely the one that is the bane of your existence if you’ve been trying to lose weight for some time now. That number would be the number on the dreaded scale. Hop on that bad boy Thanksgiving morning and brand that number onto your brain! When you close your eyes I want you to see that number happily dancing in your head with Tom the Turkey! Visualize that number and when you look at that cheesecake, you’re not going to see deliciousness there, but instead, you’re going to see your number with a 5 added to it! I know it sounds mean to suggest this, but visualization is such a powerful tool that it’s a shame it isn’t used more often in life. If you’re at 135 lbs and you’re thinking 140 when you look at that yummy piece of pie, I guarantee you’re going to think it over long and hard if you really need that piece!

2. Mobility.

There are so many good things to eat on Thanksgiving it’s like dodging bullets. You have to be light on your feet as food is practically thrown into your lap for you to devour. It’s simply way too easy to overeat and then take it right to the sofa to let it all collect and redistribute itself wherever it wants (right to the belly I’m sure!) You need to be quick on your feet and highly mobile, meaning you’re working the room, and not sitting your butt down at the table, keeping everything within arms reach to mindlessly eat as your clamor away about how you’ve tried this and that diet and you’ve decided that come Monday, you’re going to get started on that new French diet that’s all the rage. (First off, no one wants to hear anymore about how you can’t lose weight, and secondly, no one believes you’re starting anything on Monday but a new rant on how you overate!) So use your ability to move from room to room and dodge that appetizer table by not standing around it chomping on all the fatty goodies. Take a bite and then graciously MOVE AWAY!

3. Lastly, you will need to summon up the power to say, “No Grandma, I’m not taking any leftovers!” (And mean it!)

But if you do cave in—which I can understand, Grandma only wants to make sure you’re eating enough—take it if you must, but then pass it on to a homeless person, or simply toss it out if you don’t happen to come across any homeless people on your way home (city people are used to this passing on of food, but we don’t get it so much in the suburbs.) Anyway, if Grandma isn’t trying to push her food on you, then all the easier it will be to say, “Everything was so delicious that I can’t even think about taking any of it away from you. But thanks anyway.” See? Simple diffusion of the situation. No one is left with hurt feelings and you’re not dreaming of waking up to that cheesecake and getting at it before your husband does in the morning.

So there you have it, your mini survival guide to avoiding unnecessary weight gain during the festive holidays! (Clearly this is all common sense knowledge. We all know what we should do, yet find it so difficult at this time of the year to follow through with our good intentions. Just stay focused on eating well and have fun!) I hope this helps!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

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