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Short Workout, Big Caloric Payoff!

Time is a precious commodity. When you have a million different things that you want to get done and not a lot of time to get them done, you need to learn... Read more »

How to Control Your “Little Evil Voice” This 4th of July!

Here we go, another holiday weekend (or week… July 4th on a Wednesday is just weird. Do you take Tuesday off, or Thursday… or just throw in the towel and skip out... Read more »

Finally… Less IS More!

The NY Times has finally reported that when it comes to exercise, less can actually be more beneficial than, well, more. Cheers are erupting from across the globe as workout DVD’s are... Read more »

Form and Breath Go Hand in Hand

Good form is important to remember when working out. When performing any exercise, you want to make sure that your form is correct and your movements are controlled. Learning how to properly... Read more »

A Little Mental Food for Thought

Here’s a little something to think about in how you can make a positive change in your life with the simplest of objects. When I was little I always loved, LOVED being... Read more »

Summer is Not for Slacking!

Warm weather, bbq’s, trips to the beach, vacations at the lake; summer is really filled with all things good. And all that hard work you’ve been devoting to making sure your physique is... Read more »

How Squats Can Save Apartment Dwellers (And Just About Everyone Else)

True story: Today I’m walking into the front door of my apartment building and like all apartment dwellers, I’m carrying a sh*t load of stuff. It’s nothing new to us to have... Read more »

What Is It About Weight Loss That Scares You?

Ok… I’d like to add an addendum to last weeks post on visualization, if I may. What I’m going to offer up is a little deeper probe into the whole visualization technique... Read more »

Visualizing the Sweet, Sweet Reward

You ever get to that point where you’re really pretty close to getting those last few pounds off your midsection and you’re so pumped that you’re only 5, 10 or 20 pounds... Read more »