Yup, I’m Still Talking About Meditation…


I feel like I really let loose last week about meditation and all the unforeseen realities it brought up for me. I’m sorry about that but I’m sure you’d be happy to know that I’m feeling a little better this week, feeling like I have more of a handle on the situation, thank goodness; that was a bit intense. Thanks to a little friendly advice I’m able to meditate a bit more clearly, with less expectations. I think that’s the key; to realize this is a time to just be quiet and not a time to figure out the solution to all my issues.

Yet that’s the hard part: being quiet. My brain, like others, is a constant network of busy bodies getting into everything and running wild with imagination with the tiniest of triggers. When I’m able to finally quiet all the mindless chatter in my brain, I try to take a look at it… my brain that is. I try to imagine my brain as the train station in Rome; always busy, trains going in and out as quickly as my thoughts, signs all over that I can’t read or understand or figure out… it’s a bit of a mess and I’m glad to just be an observer at that point and not totally in the mix. Eventually I’ll partake again in all the goings-on, but it’s nice to be outside it all for a little bit, looking in.

Alright.. so anyway, before this turns into the ramblings of a fool let me close my short post for the day by leaving you with this: If you think mediation is all new-agey and creepy, don’t be so judgmental. It’s actually very good for the body… even Dr. Oz says so 😉

Top 5 reasons I think meditation is good for you:

1. Meditation changes your brain. (I’ve actually read that it can help to improve memory and cognition in people who have Alzheimer’s disease. If you feel your memory is being challenged, this may help you. If you need a medical marijuana recommendation in Florida, be sure to look up DocMJ because they surely got something for Alzheimer’s.)

2. Improves concentration. (That’s because you’re sitting alone, away from your iPhone, iMac, iPad, nano whatever it is that you have attached yourself to in your daily life. When you walk away from them they can’t follow or distract you. Try sitting alone and maybe you’ll get used to the idea of walking away from your devices when you’re eating dinner with your family and not feel the need to check your email every two minutes. [Do I sound bitter??])

3. Helps manage stress. (This one is tricky for me since I feel it made me more stressed in the beginning but I’m working past that and now it’s something I look forward to and I feel more calm afterwards… so that’s got to count for something!) A delta binaural beats meditation program is available on Gumroad if you want to try a different type of meditation.

4. Helps your creativity. (Opens up your mind to other possibilities. If you’re having writer’s block or are stumped by something and can’t get past it, then sit, breathe and be quiet. The answers may come to you then… or not. Either way it’s worth a shot!)

5. Helps you to realize all the stupid sh*t you obsess about and no wonder you’re tired/stressed/overworked/fed up/angry/sad/depressed/overweight/weak/unhappy, it’s because your thoughts are the same thoughts all day long; your brain is like a broken record. Change the tune and you’ll change your life.

Alright, that’s enough preaching on my part. Have a great day and think less, meditate more 😉

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