Letter to the Editor – Sleepy Hollow Gardens

To the Editor: For many residents of Sleepy Hollow Gardens, the recent snow storm likely resulted in a cold, late night walk up poorly lit Meadow Street.  Last December, tenants sent letters... Read more »

Writer’s reply to the letter to the editor:

Our April edition of the River Journal published a letter by Daniel Rush of Irvington, regarding my article about charter schools. I am responding simply to clear up some misinformation.  Mr. Rush... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: What Should Be? Ossining’s New Downtown Development Committee

If this new committee does not put the redesign of Route 9 and the need for alternatives to the personal vehicle at the top of its agenda, it is not seriously dealing... Read more »

Letter to the Editor RE: Ossining Roundabout

The Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce and Local Ossining Businesses urge your support for a public referendum opposing the Roundabout project at the Historic Five Corners – Main & Spring Streets, and... Read more »

Letters to the Editor – Recycling in Sleepy Hollow

When my family moved to Sleepy Hollow in 2013, the previous owner of our house thoughtfully left the Westchester County guidelines for recycling posted in our kitchen. I saw that residents of... Read more »

Letters to the Editor – Sleepy Hollow LDC Responds

To the Editor, Thank you for the opportunity to respond to recently published comments regarding the redevelopment of the “East Parcel” of the former General Motors assembly plant in Sleepy Hollow. As Lead... Read more »

RE: Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Redevelopment of the “East Parcel”

POCANTICO RIVER WATERSHED CONSERVANCY Resident at Pace University, Aloysia Hall 100 78 North Broadway, White Plains, New York 10603 www.pocanticoconservancy.org September 30, 2016 Read more »

Tarrytown Mayor and Board Defend Their Governance

In an article in the last issue of River Journal, the statements by the three Republican/Tarrytown First candidates for Trustee demonstrated, among other things, a lack of understanding of many of the... Read more »

Letters to the Editor: Edge-on-Hudson Seeks Tax Relief

My name is John Leavy. I am a Trustee in the Village of Sleepy Hollow. I am someone who paid mortgage recording tax and the fees associated with the purchase of my... Read more »

Letters to the Editor

To all the Village employees who have been plowing, moving, piling, and hauling away the record amount of snow we’ve had this year….I want to say, “Well done and thank you all.”... Read more »