RE: Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Redevelopment of the “East Parcel”

POCANTICO RIVER WATERSHED CONSERVANCY Resident at Pace University, Aloysia Hall 100 78 North Broadway, White Plains, New York 10603 September 30, 2016 Read more »

Tarrytown Mayor and Board Defend Their Governance

In an article in the last issue of River Journal, the statements by the three Republican/Tarrytown First candidates for Trustee demonstrated, among other things, a lack of understanding of many of the... Read more »

Letters to the Editor: Edge-on-Hudson Seeks Tax Relief

My name is John Leavy. I am a Trustee in the Village of Sleepy Hollow. I am someone who paid mortgage recording tax and the fees associated with the purchase of my... Read more »

Letters to the Editor

To all the Village employees who have been plowing, moving, piling, and hauling away the record amount of snow we’ve had this year….I want to say, “Well done and thank you all.”... Read more »

Letters to the Editor

Ed.: On October 7th, Irvington voters approved a $4,600,000 School Referendum which included an artificial turf field. 1,095 “ Yes Votes” — 945 “No Votes” While we are disappointed by the outcome... Read more »

Letters to the Editor “Environmentally Unsound and Dangerous…”

To the Editor:    In 2006 and again in 2008, the Irvington school administration and its compliant BOE tried to get the community to fund artificial fields that were environmentally unsound and dangerous... Read more »

Letters to the Editor “As A Public Health Professional…”

As a public health professional focused on orthopedic-related injuries, I am astounded by the extent to which some communities consider it essential to create child super-athletes. Children often begin intensive athletics too... Read more »

Letters to the Editor “…why real grass is good for one place and not another.”

To the Editor: An examination of the Irvington bond referendum set for October 7th yields some troubling problems.  Among other things, the bond proposes to spend $1.85 million on a new and... Read more »
Eli Bertan Spincredible Fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Letter to the Editor-Eli’s Spincredible Fundraiser, May 3

My name is Eli Bertan.  I am 12 years old.  I go to the Farragut Middle School in Hastings-on-Hudson. I’m organizing a fundraiser at the Spincredible Indoor Cycling Studio to support the... Read more »
Village of Irvington NY

Letter to the Editor from the Mayor of Irvington

Editor,We appointed an Historic District Committee in 2011 with the goal of filing an application for the designation of Irvington’s Main Street area as an historic district with the New York State... Read more »