Letter to the Editor: The Need for Noise Cameras

To the Editor: Many elected officials, myself included, receive constant complaints from residents about excessive noise. Cars, some with illegal mufflers and motorcycles race up and down streets around town […] Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Federal Legislation Needed to Protect Puppies from Abuse

A quarter of a million dogs like Goldie suffer in federally-licensed puppy mills across the U.S. Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Understanding Where Mike Lawler Stands

'Examine carefully what he does, as well as what he says' Read more »

We Need Pride in Peekskill Now More Than Ever

'We don’t have to go to big cities like Boston or New York to find welcoming spaces to be ourselves' Read more »

Croton Clergy Honor Pride Month, Condemn Homophobia & Transphobia 

'We affirm today that all genders and sexual orientations are whole, holy and good.'  Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Internship Opportunity

Dear Editor, I write to invite students from across the district to apply for summer internships in my office. I hope to continue the robust internship program maintained by my […] Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Impact of Wrongful Death Liability Bill

Once again, the New York State Legislature is considering a potentially devastating wrongful death liability bill (A.6696/S.6636) that would exponentially expand damages awarded which could cripple delivery of health care […] Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Support the “Fix 9A” Effort

Dear Editor, I recently received word that the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council has added proposals to improve multiple roads in Assembly District 95 to the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). […] Read more »

Lakeland RISE Endorses Bryan Hoben for the Lakeland School Board

'Lakeland deserves to be represented by trustees that reflect the entire community' Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Questioning Assemblywoman Shimsky’s Opposition to Restoring TZB Name

Dear River Journal Editor, I read on the News12 Westchester website recently that State Assemblymember Shimsky did not vote for the bipartisan bill to restore the Tappan Zee Bridge name to […] Read more »