Letter to the Editor: Attend Our Next Repair Cafe

To the Editor:

Earlier this month the town of Greenburgh sponsored one of the best community events I ever attended – the Greenburgh Repair Café. I’m writing this letter to encourage the community to support a similar event: the Irvington Repair Café which is being held this Saturday June 1 from 11 AM  to 3  PM at the Irvington Public Library, 12 South Astor Street Irvington.

If you never attended a Repair Café, take a look at the you tube video below. You will be very impressed. All the repairs are done for free by members of the community.


What a great day Repair Cafes are for those with broken/damaged items that needed TLC.

The Greenburgh Repair Café included a crew of “fixers” who  repaired everything from a slew of table lamps, to mending beloved stuffed animals and worn clothes, sealing a leaky copper watering can, securing wonky table legs, tending to old DVD players, clogged coffee machines, bicycles, computers, and more.

We estimate that over 100 people came to take advantage of the Repair Café which was hosted by Repair Café Hudson Valley, Rivertowns Repair Café, and the Fairview Empowerment Group at the Theodore D. Young Community Center.

It truly takes all your essential help to keep these hundreds of items out of landfills. Repairing is an essential component of the reduce/reuse/recycle triangle, and we are so grateful to have our first successful Greenburgh Repair Café under our belt so we can do another one, even bigger and better, again soon.  The Fairview Empowerment Group is already discussing plans to hold a second Repair Café in the fall of this year.  Grateful that another Repair Café is being held this Saturday in Irvington. The organizers of the Irvington Repair Café also deserve our thanks.

Watch Repair Café Highlights on Youtube here – https://youtu.be/M1arAip6gIU

Thanks to all!

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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