Letter to the Editor: The Case for More Drop Boxes in Westchester

Many voters around the country are expressing outrage because the Georgia Legislature passed a bill that would limit ballot drop boxes to locations inside voting locations. It’s a form of voter suppression... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Your Help Wanted – So We Can Help Seniors Get Vaccination Appointments

Our Greenburgh Covid Angels was featured on Les Holt’s National Nightly News broadcast on NBC on Wed night. We’re so appreciative of our 180+ hard working volunteers who care about their neighbors and are... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Paul Feiner on His Record as Town Supervisor

Every moment of my nearly 30-year tenure as the Town Supervisor of Greenburgh has been an absolute joy and it has been the greatest honor of my life to serve the exceptional... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Helping Seniors Get Vaccine Access

Over the years Greenburgh volunteers have helped seniors with problems. We have a snow angels program -started 30 years ago- volunteers help remove snow from seniors driveways.  We have a TV angels... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: In Praise of Con Ed

I can’t believe I’m writing this – but I’d like to commend Con Ed for the way they handled the power outages in Greenburgh on Christmas day. After the storm a number... Read more »

Letter to the Editor – Your Opinion on Covid Testing Wanted

I am reaching out at this time with the hope that you might be able to share your experiences and resources related to Covid Testing. As a new wave of Covid 19... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Road Paving Alternative

The average cost of milling and resurfacing a standard 26 foot wide  roadway is approximately $360,000 per mile. This approximation is based off the unit prices from the town of Greenburgh’s most recent project and... Read more »

Live Streaming of Greenburgh Early Voting Offers Way to Avoid Lines

To help you avoid lines if you wish to vote at the Greenburgh Town Hall on early voting days we have installed a live stream video camera at the entrance of Greenburgh... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Be Careful What You Wish For

Before I was elected to the Board of Legislators and Town Supervisor I was a political activist. I organized many protests and rallies and once the Greenburgh police even threatened to arrest... Read more »

Letter to the Editor: Added Benefit for Volunteer First Responders

Last week the Greenburgh Town Board heard from our Volunteer Ambulance Corp’s. Some are having  problems recruiting and keeping their volunteers. A suggestion that could be of help to the volunteers. Currently, Volunteer Ambulance... Read more »