Letter to the Editor: Why George Latimer Should be Our Next Congressman

To the Editor:
In recent weeks some Democrats and Republicans in Congress have done something very positive – they have started to work together. They approved a package to help Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan. They prevented a shutdown of the federal government.
A major reason why I’m planning to support George Latimer in his bid for Congress is because George has a proven record of working with everyone – Democrats and Republicans.  I don’t want the next Congress to be an international embarrassment. I don’t want to see members of Congress bicker and fight and to accomplish little. Find comomon ground.  George gets results. And, he listens to his constituents.  If elected to Congress I’m convinced that George will continue to be transparent, open and nonpartisan.  And he will be effective in persuading other members of Congress to put governing ahead of partisanship.
 Think about this fact: George has been County Executive for more than a decade. He’s gottten a tremendous amount done during his tenure –without major controversies. He’s visible, liked by pracdtically every official in the county (Democrats and Republicans)  I think George will get results for the people of Westchester  in a non partisan way if we send him to Washington.  He’ll be successful in helping local governments get grants for important initiatives from Washington.
Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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