Letter to the Editor: Support for Mondaire Jones

I would like to thank former United States Congressman Mondaire Jones for endorsing George Latimer for Congress and highlighting a major reason for doing so: George’s support of Israel.  Congressman Jamaal Bowman’s critical stance on Israel highlights the need for voters in the Congressional primary to send a message to other Congressman across the nation that it’s unacceptable to reelect a Congrssman who refused to vote for a  resolution in Congress in support of Israel in the wake of the Hamas attack.
If  Congressman Bowman is re-elected other members of Congress may feel more comfortable joining the movement to end support for the state of Israel. This primary is probably the most important Congressional primary in recent history because the consequences are so great. A victory by Congressman Bowman could lead to the end of Israel as a Democratic Jewish state. The slogan “from the river to the sea” will become a reality if more and more members of Congress do what Congressman Bowman has been doing and voting against Israel.
Former Congressman Mondaire Jones should be commended for putting the interests of the world first.  I’m not surprised. When Mondaire Jones represented Greenburgh he fought hard for the town -his constituent services were among the best and his responsiveness to the community was appreciated by many grateful constituents.  Congressman Mondaire Jones took a chance speaking out for Israel and for George and is losing some support from Anti Israel Democrats. But – the former Congressman did what he always does–he does what he thinks is right for the nation and community. I think that a team of Congressman Latimer and Congressman Jones will do great things for Westchester next year.
Paul FEINERFeiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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