Pride & Grace, The Village of Tarrytown acknowledged Alyce Coqueran with her very own day.

Alyce Coqueran On Cortlandt Street in 1926 a midwife named Mrs. Zingaro delivered a baby girl to be named Alyce. She grew up on that block attending and graduating from North Tarrytown... Read more »

Waterfront Developer And Village Reach Agreement

In two December Village Trustee meetings, Mayor Drew Fixell announced a final agreement between developer Joe Cotter of National RE/Sources and the Village. Read more »

Asphalt Plant To Be Dismantled and Moved

GONE! At his own expense, National RE/Source’s president and developer for the proposed “Ferry Landings,” Mr. Joseph Cotter, has engineered a move that will take Peckham Industries’ “County Asphalt” plant to a... Read more »

Tarrytown Village Notes, Part 1

In September, at the Senior Center, the Village of Tarrytown provided an informational report regarding a new redevelopment agreement on the Ferry Landings project between the Village and builder National ReSources, Inc. Read more »

Tarrytown Village Notes, Part 2

The following notes are from joint Tarrytown Board of Trustees and Planning Board meetings over the past month and are intended to provide the reader with a summary of where major issues... Read more »

Making Movies At The Music Hall

Actor Matt Damon among fans and camera phones at the Music Hall The Music Hall Theatre has been buzzing with activity, from 23 events in October to being a location for the... Read more »

Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters The attention paid to waterfront development on Tarrytown’s western boundary has diminished the focus on the Tarrytown Lakes, at its eastern boundary. Read more »

Build It… and They Will Come

Build It and They Will Come The nation’s waterfronts, particularly those that abut the great rivers of our country, are now making changes that have not been seen since the nation was... Read more »

Now Hear This

Now Hear This Con Edison recently produced a chart detailing the various sources of electricity in the Metropolitan area. In a given year, Indian Point produces an average of 33% of the... Read more »

Candidates Team Up for School Board Election

Left to right: Lillis’,’ Godwin’,’ and Laub. Incumbents Mimi Godwin and Joe Lillis, both of Tarrytown, will be joined by newcomer Craig Laub to vie for 3 seats on the Board.Laura Copeland... Read more »