No One Told Me There’d Be Math! 

Some  kids say, “I’m bad at math,” and some parents say it too. If you can manage your math anxiety, and do some modelling, you can help your child.   Model how you... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom: It’s Time to Get Your Hands on Project-Based Learning 

When we see our children lagging behind learning standards, we react by lecturing and trying to complete skills checklists. The problem is that kind of deficit orientation pushes us further behind. Instead, an innovative,... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom: Making Math Fun

“I forgot my socks upstairs, I wonder how long it would take you to run upstairs, and get them” my dad inquired as I remained glued to the TV, watching the Jetson’s... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom: Living with — But Not Loving — Virtual Learning

As Covid-19 upends our work and our social lives, we come to accept that Virtual Learning is not going away any time soon. We are rapidly adapting our routines to safeguard our... Read more »

Rivertown Parents Address Childhood Anxiety and Depression 

Is your child’s change in behavior just a phase, or do you need to ask for help? And if you do, where do you turn?   Rivertown Parents, a consortium of local PTAs and Mercy College, recently brought together experts... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom: Taking the Stress Out of Taking the Test 

Between mid-year teachers’ assessments and AIMS Web standardized tests, January was a blur. Just before spring break comes the New York State ELA test and just after that, math. While educators tell... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom- Finding Your Child’s Learning Rhythm

As the holiday season revs up, we see the outline of this year’s edition of our children’s school life. We piece together grades and notes from teachers with sporadic anecdotes from our kids, their friends,... Read more »

Beyond the Classroom – A New Year Begins 

Each school year brings a sense of hope and change. And many of us want to achieve a quality home-school partnership. What’s best? Do we push more—ask more questions, of more people, more often?... Read more »

Letter-to-the-Editor: Kevin Miller Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow BOE Candidate

Dear Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow Residents, My name is Kevin Miller and it is with pride that I announce my candidacy for the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow Board of Education. My family moved to... Read more »