2006 Election Results

Incumbents in both Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown were re-elected on March 21, along with three first-term Trustees. In Sleepy Hollow, Mario DiFelice was re-elected with 833 votes while his running mate Andrew... Read more »

Economic Impacts of the Ferry Landings Project

With the February 6th acceptance of the Ferry Landings “Findings” document, the next step is the ongoing review of the developer’s “Site Plan.” That process could begin in March and actual building... Read more »

Tarrytown Village Notes, Part 3

The following notes are from joint Tarrytown Board of Trustees and/or Planning Board meetings over the past month and are intended to provide the reader with a summary of where major issues... Read more »

Hey Look Me Over, Lend Me An Ear, Meet the Republican Candidates

Left to right: Michael Farley, Domenic Morabito and Mike Husband. Michael Farley, Michael Husband, and Nick Morabito have dedicated an astounding number of years of service to the Tarrytown community and are... Read more »

Hey Look Me Over, Lend Me An Ear, Meet the Democratic Candidates

Left to right: Robert Hoyt, Tom Basher and Mary McGee. At Village Hall on Sunday, January 29, Democratic Party Chair Carole Griffiths called for nominations for the 3 Trustee seats that will... Read more »