Tarrytown Schools Tackle Summer Slump

The Tarrytown School District works hard to combat summer learning loss through its Summer Literacy Institute, an initiative started five years ago by the Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns in response to parents requests for literacy reinforcement. 

The program has grown from one class of 16 students to six classes of more than 70.  Rising first through third-graders read and discuss books, participate in work focusing on letters and sounds, then smaller groups receive individualized attention. 

“It is my favorite part of summer,” said ELA/Math Staff Developer Kristie Martinez, who coordinates the Summer Literacy Institute. “It instills confidence, and it really helps [children] to remember skills that could be lost over the summer.”  

Shelly Colley, executive director of the Foundation, says, “We are incredibly grateful to our funding partners and could not offer this program without them.”  

Rising third-grader Erick Soraino enjoys reading books, saying that his favorite so far is The Best Student by Sienna Jagadorn 

“The children are excited to attend,” said Martinez. “The staff loves watching them run in with smiles on their faces.” 

The program, which runs three hours a day for two weeks in August, is made possible through the support of grants, including Hitachi America, Kids Club of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow, and Kendal on Hudson.

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