Co-Pilot Program At Kendal

The Co-Pilot Program was created, designed and is fully implemented by the residents at Kendal on Hudson.  It is a resident-to-resident support system for residents who must go to the […] Read more »
Tim Sullivan, Sunnyside Federal

Sunnyside Federal – Tradition Galore & Much More

Sitting opposite Tim Sullivan, the CEO and President of Sunnyside Federal Savings and Loan in Irvington, it was apparent that under his leadership the eighty-year tradition of the Bank is […] Read more »
Tarrytown First Mayoral and Trustee candidates

In Tarrytown 
Challenging For Change

In Tarrytown, four individuals will challenge the current mayor and three of his trustees for the right to lead the Village for the next two years.  They are Karl Hagstrom, […] Read more »
Brian Smith

Irvington’s Mayor To Be
 Rising to the Top

What if you ran for Trustee in your Village and won?  It happens. What if the incumbent Mayor decided to leave office? That happens too. What if you hadn’t been […] Read more »
Sleepy Hollow United Party

“We Can…We Will…Do Better”
 Spirited “Sleepy Hollow United” Candidates Speak

It has been reported locally (and you can’t believe everything you read) that the Sleepy Hollow Mayor and three Trustees would be unopposed in seeking re-election on March 15. Hold […] Read more »
Ken Wray

Mayor and Village Attorney File Objections at
 County Board of Elections Over Challenger’s Petition

In speaking with the Westchester Board of Elections Commissioner Doug Colety, this publication has learned that the petition filed by the Sleepy Hollow United Party to put them on the […] Read more »
Temperatures Rise

Temperatures Rise in Single Digit Cold

If you were one of the hundreds of motorists stuck in, through and beyond Tarrytown on Route 9 during the early morning rush hour on Friday, February 11th, you have […] Read more »

Statement to Public from Village of Tarrytown Board of Trustees

On Friday, February 4, 2011 the Board of Trustees of Tarrytown released a public statement regarding the conclusions of an independent investigation related to the September 6, 2010 deaths of […] Read more »

Pension Crisis Comes to Irvington

Last month the Empire Center for New York State Policy, a fiscally conservative think tank, issued a report on New York State’s pension plans, and the news was not good. […] Read more »

Tax Certioraris ..A Growing Problem for the Village of Tarrytown

As the Village prepares for its annual budget each year, three items have been growing out of proportion to all other Village financial problems. First are pensions. No one anticipated […] Read more »