Make Vroom for the Hot Rods

On a sunny summer morning, Evan Kingsley stands next to his mint condition, baby blue, 1966 Chrysler New Yorker in a lot near the Peekskill waterfront. He happily takes the time to... Read more »

Special RiverTalk Episodes: All for the Love of Rock and Roll Parts 1 & 2

You read about the history of WRNW, the “glorious playhouse” in Briarcliff Manor HERE, HERE and HERE. Now join host Christian Larson as he speaks with the former WRNW DJs themselves  about... Read more »

RiverTalk Episode 9 – A Conversation with Peekskill’s Leesther Brown

Leesther Brown is a well-known figure who has challenged both Democrat and Republican Administrations over the years with equal vigor. A 33 year resident of the City, she has a simple message for... Read more »

Peekskill Volunteers, City at Odds over Plan for Full-Time Fire Chief  

Tensions between the City of Peekskill and its volunteer firefighters came to a head last month when a report by retired fire chief Ed Rush, commissioned by the City, recommended the hiring of a... Read more »

RiverTalk Episode 8 – A Conversation with Congressman Mondaire Jones

Don’t miss RiverTalk’s exclusive conversation with Congressman Mondaire Jones of the 17th Congressional District. On the “Build Back Better” infrastructure plan: “If we have unified control of the federal government, and can... Read more »

RiverTalk Podcast: Episode 7 – A Conversation with Peekskill Mayoral Candidate Conor Greene

The Peekskill primary is set for June 22. Get to know what Progress 4 Peekskill candidate Conor Greene thinks about the important issues facing the community. “I think that people should be... Read more »

Is the Grass Always Greener? 

On April 30, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that made New York the sixteenth state to fully legalize marijuana.    What does that mean exactly?   New Yorkers are now able to legally possess up to three grams of marijuana, and smoke it wherever cigarette smoking is allowed. ... Read more »

RiverTalk Podcast: Episode 6 – A Conversation with Amanda Bayley of Plan it Wild

Have you considered rewilding for your personal piece of Westchester paradise? Or maybe you’re not familiar with rewilding. Either way, listen to the latest episode of RiverTalk with Plan it Wild CEO... Read more »

RiverTalk Podcast: Episodes 4-5 – A Conversation with Cortlandt Town Supervisor Linda Puglisi

After 30 years as Town of Cortlandt Supervisor, Linda Puglisi will be retiring at the end of the year. Linda took some time to chat with RiverTalk host Christian Larson about her... Read more »

RiverTalk Podcast: Episode 2 – A Conversation with Nicole Belle DeRise of Sing Sing Museum

Did you know the Sing Sing Museum is scheduled to open in 2022? To hear all about the plans for the museum from historian Nicole Belle DeRise, Operations Manager for the museum.... Read more »