Letter to the Editor: In Support of Evelyn Farkas

Editor, River Journal:

Evelyn Farkas

I support Evelyn Farkas for Congress in the June 23rd democratic primary.

After carefully researching the seven candidates, it is Evelyn’s national congressional and executive experience that set her apart. My own experience as an elected school board trustee and activist on education and social justice issues has shown me the importance of having an established reputation, an extensive network, and the skills needed to take concrete steps to govern effectively. Evelyn alone has all of the above!

In addition, Evelyn is passionate, genuine, and humble, and the breadth and depth of her detailed proposals on policy are unmatched.

Evelyn is the daughter of refugees from Hungary who settled in Chappaqua where she attended public schools and went on to earn undergraduate and advanced degrees, including a Ph.D. in foreign relations from Tufts University. She worked on the staff of the Senate Armed Services Committee and served as executive director of the congressionally mandated Commission on Weapons of Mass Destruction, which identified pandemics as a serious threat to us.

President Obama appointed Evelyn as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia. She has also been a contributor to MSNBC for her expertise on foreign affairs.

Evelyn is the most qualified candidate and the only candidate with Congressional, White House, and Defense Department experience. She is already a well respected professional in Washington with the know-how and connections to immediately make an impact.

Lisa Tane
Briarcliff Manor

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  1. I have loved Evelyn Farkas since I first saw her on MSNBC back in 2016, screaming out to us that Russia was trying to co-opt our election and warning us of the dangers we faced if we elected Donald Trump.

    I volunteered to make phone calls for Evelyn about a month ago because I didn’t think enough people knew how uniquely qualified she is to represent the 17th Congressional District. Not only is she on the right side concerning our domestic issues, she Is the only candidate who has the foreign policy experience necessary to help restore America’s standing in the world after we rid ourselves of the tyrant currently occupying the White House.

    I am generally a very private person and don’t wear my politics on my sleeve, but I now passionately convey to my friends, family, and the people I call as a volunteer for Evelyn’s phone bank the importance of having qualified, experienced representatives, like Evelyn, to serve in our government.

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