New Rector at Christ Church

Historic Christ Episcopal Church in Tarrytown is proud to welcome Reverend Susan Copley as its new rector. Reverend Copley will reside in the church Rectory with her husband, David, and their daughter,... Read more »

Citizen Committee Questions Planning Board on Development

The Tarrytown Planning Board is about to accept "Findings" regarding the potential Wilson Park development. This will be the "OK" to proceed with development of 14 homes, 4 of which will be... Read more »

Duplication of Services, Can Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown Continue to Afford Them?

The vexation of taxation is given lip service year round and becomes profane this time of the year when the first of three (County & Town, Village and School) tax bills come... Read more »

The Teen Challenge, Fostering Community Through Volunteerism

A high pitched tone sounded from the pager, piercing the silence. Within seconds Allyson was heading for the door. The adrenaline surged through her as she anticipated with both excitement and fear... Read more »

An Update on Village Projects in Tarrytown

Winter is over. With its passing comes a list of projects that are either in an early building stage or about to start. It is safe to say that Tarrytown and the... Read more »

When We Had Our Own Money In Town

Imagine going into a store and whipping out a Tarrytown ten dollar bill to pay for your groceries. Or maybe a five from Elmsford or a one from Sing Sing would be... Read more »

Get Ready for "Tappan Zee Station"

While residents are considering the new names of Lighthouse Landing and Ferry Landings, the New York State Department of Transportation has just entered the name of "Tappan Zee Station" to our ever-increasing... Read more »

A Tarrytown Tax Review

A number of Tarrytown Villagers have recently asked about the viability of meeting certain budget shortfalls with Village funds from what is known as a surplus account and a long term bond... Read more »

Music Hall Award

What many residents of the river towns don’t realize is that Westchester’s oldest working theatre is the Music Hall in Tarrytown. This year the Westchester Arts Council has acknowledged the Music Hall... Read more »

Tarrytown Village Notes

The following are actions taken by the Village or the Tarrytown Board of Trustees: • Neperan Road Park construction has been completed. A new stone retaining wall is in, along with drainage,... Read more »