Build It… and They Will Come

Build It and They Will Come The nation’s waterfronts, particularly those that abut the great rivers of our country, are now making changes that have not been seen since the nation was... Read more »

Now Hear This

Now Hear This Con Edison recently produced a chart detailing the various sources of electricity in the Metropolitan area. In a given year, Indian Point produces an average of 33% of the... Read more »

Update on Proposed Meadow Street Firehouse

The April issue of River Journal ran a story about the protest over the proposed building of a new firehouse on Meadow Street. To keep current with the issue we are reporting... Read more »

Residents Protest – Mayor Apologizes…, At Issue Is Location Of New Firehouse

Left to right: Trustee Tom Butler, Mayor Drew Fixell, Fire Chief Robert Scogna and Trustee Clarice Pollack at recent ground breaking ceremony for new firehouse on Meadow Street. A group of residents... Read more »

Tarrytown Village Tax Increase Estimated At 6.48%

The following excerpts are from Village Treasurer Jim Hart’s cover letter to Mayor Fixell and the Board of Trustees. It is intended to provide a summary of the projected 2006-2007 Village Budget. Read more »

A Look at Hispanic Migration in the U.S.

The increase of Hispanics coming to this country is something Americans know is happening and yet don’t know much about. To better understand this influx, one must first recognize their reasons for... Read more »

A Home Not So Far Away From Home, The Tarrytown Boys & Girls Club

To say the Boys and Girls Club has had a positive effect on the Village of Tarrytown is an understatement. The facility, located at the Community Opportunity Center at 105 Wildey Street,... Read more »

2006 Election Results

Incumbents in both Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown were re-elected on March 21, along with three first-term Trustees. In Sleepy Hollow, Mario DiFelice was re-elected with 833 votes while his running mate Andrew... Read more »

Economic Impacts of the Ferry Landings Project

With the February 6th acceptance of the Ferry Landings “Findings” document, the next step is the ongoing review of the developer’s “Site Plan.” That process could begin in March and actual building... Read more »

Tarrytown Village Notes, Part 3

The following notes are from joint Tarrytown Board of Trustees and/or Planning Board meetings over the past month and are intended to provide the reader with a summary of where major issues... Read more »