Entrepreneurial Women of Westchester : Tarrytown’s Unique Collaboration Among Women in Retail

Main Street Oil on Canvas by Ronnie Levine

Whether you find yourself walking down the busy sidewalks of Main Street or South Broadway, it is certain that Tarrytown’s vibrancy and eclectic vibe carry throughout the unique shops scattered about town. All who encounter the passionate business-owners as they wander into each unique shop are immediately greeted with warmth and positivity. Although they are all unique, they do have one important similarity – they are all owned by women.

At ShayLula Jewelry, Colleen Goudie exemplifies what it means to be a successful retailer. Extremely welcoming, and immensely knowledgeable about her merchandise, Colleen makes all who listen want to learn more. When speaking to the collaborative spirit between herself and the other women-owned businesses in town, Colleen remarked, “Everybody here is very supportive of each other with one common goal: to keep the town vibrant with all of the different shops. We all work together.”

Instead of participating in the typical competition of small businesses, the network of female retailers throughout Tarrytown thrives by working together. The retailers we spoke with believe that with collaboration, each store can bring its own strengths to the table in order to succeed as a collective network of empowered business owners.

At Trilogy Consignment Shop, owner Heather Reid expressed respect and admiration for her fellow retailers and enjoys her own role of facilitating conscious consumerism and body positivity. “I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience,” stated Heather as she detailed her experience as a young business owner. From her first moment in Tarrytown, Heather described the immediate support extended by the other retailers in the area. Specifically, when discussing Pretty Funny Vintage, a vintage store down the street, Heather commented, “Instead of feeling like we are competing, we are both bringing interesting things to the town.” More importantly, Heather reaffirmed the common value of the other merchants, as each one stands behind her statement: “We all complement each other.”

With its bright colors and heightened activity, Tarrytown’s allure brings in a great deal of daily foot traffic. Each small business owner promotes the other businesses with the spirit of helping each other to succeed. When one business is in need of something, whether it is advice on an issue or a new retail strategy, the others are there to lend a helping hand.

Wendy Goldman, the owner of Bella’s Boutique, found herself in the position of taking over an established business, and working to make it her own. As she settled in, Wendy quickly found herself forming strong relationships with the other business owners. She said she gains inspiration and assistance from her business counterparts frequently. “We all refer to each other. We are a team, and we want to support each other. If they don’t find something here, I refer them to one of the other stores!”

It is hard not to fall in love with the infectious nature of Tarrytown’s charm and the hard work and enthusiasm of the women-owned businesses. “Celebrating my 12 years in business this month, I am thankful for the support and appreciation of the other businesses in Tarrytown. We all work together to provide a positive experience for all that live and visit our village,” said Laura Haupt, owner of pet store Bark and Meow. Working together, the women-owned businesses of Tarrytown strengthen the community and bring retail to life.

Shop, Stroll, Discover – Tarrytown

Pretty Funny Vintage
Hand-Picked Vintage Finds
80 S Broadway

Trilogy Consignment
Modern, Vintage & Artisan Items for Happy Humans
54 Main St.

ShayLula Jewelry
Jewelry & Gifts
23 Main Street

Bark and Meow
Precious Pet Products and Quality Chow
9a S Broadway

Bella’s Boutique
An Enchanted Place for Gifts, Accessories, and Jewelry
35 N Broadway

Handcrafted, Ever-Changing Merchandise
53 Main St.

A Nu Toy Store
New & Used Toys
16 Main St.

Rutheny Jewelry
Jewelry Retail Gallery
54 Main St.


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