Reflections on the Irvington Field Vote Defeat

It’s quite astounding that the Irvington School Board, after a landslide defeat of the fields referendum, thinks the main reason is the economy. I realize that the Board spent a great deal of time deliberating […] Read more »

Letters to the Editor: Voters Weigh In School Board Proposal.

This letter begins simply as a thank-you note to everyone who worked together to ensure that our community’s voice was heard loudly and clearly. The Irvington fields bond vote is […] Read more »

A Significant Year of Change for the Village of Irvington

Change has been coming to Irvington in many forms. Financial pressures and future budget concerns are big issues as the calendar year winds down. The Village’s fiscal year ends May […] Read more »

“Lucky To Be In Irvington”, A Candid Conversation with Local Merchants

Everyone realizes that Wal-Mart is doing extremely well as a retailer with its profits seemingly recession-proof and growing even stronger in these lean financial times. Read more »

Transitions – Irvington Mayor Resigns; Village Moves to Curb Spending

Irvington Mayor Erin Malloy resigned on November 7. The following is her letter of resignation, taken directly from the website. Read more »

From Wall Street to Irvington’s Main Street

The economic crisis officially has spread from Wall Street to Main Street. Actually, 85 Main Street, in Irvington, to be precise. "It’s not just a headline in the newspaper; it’s […] Read more »

A Family Affair on Irvington Stage

Bonnie and Peter Rofe never thought the day would come that they’d work on the same stage… let alone have starring roles opposite one another. But this November the talented […] Read more »

Mayor Fills Vacancy on Irvington’s Board

Irvington residents have a new Village trustee after Mayor Erin Malloy appointed Terence Masterson, 50, to fill a seat recently vacated by Patricia Ryan. Malloy announced the appointment and presided […] Read more »

Jon Lohman plays Irvington Town Hall

Irvington native Jon Lohman is coming to town, and specifically to the Irvington Town Hall Theatre on Friday, September 12 at 8pm. He will be bringing with him some of […] Read more »

Honored in Irvington… Develops Seek Waterfront Rezoning

Irvington residents would lose out on an additional $600,000 in expected ratables and a more developed waterfront if Village trustees move forward with the rezoning legislation recommended by the town’s […] Read more »