Irvington High School Brings Clue to Life on Stage

Irvington High School presented the murder-mystery comedy Clue as its Fall play from November 1-2.

Irvington High School’s Fall play, performed November 1-2, was the murder-mystery comedy Clue, adapted from a board game to a movie in 1985 and then into a play.  

Directed by Stephen DiGiovanni, the production featured a talented group of approximately 50 students comprised of actors and members of the tech crew.  

“The students are incredibly hardworking,” said DiGiovanni. “The tech crew worked every day after school to design and construct the entire set, under the supervision of Amy Condit…The actors memorized lines, developed characters and made character choices…”  

Clue, based on the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn, is set in the 1950s in Boddy Manor, a large, mysterious mansion in New England filled with the rooms one would expect from the famous Parker Brothers board game. When the host, Mr. Boddy, who had threatened to reveal the darkest secrets of a group of guests, is found dead, the race is on to figure out who killed him, in which room, and with what weapon. 

“It’s a hilarious whodunnit story that gave the students an opportunity to make big character choices, bigger than they’re used to,” said DiGiovanni. “It’s a specific style of acting that the students really enjoyed.” 

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