River Dad – A Very Manly River Dad

The other day, I was waiting at the bus stop for my son to return home from first grade. This is a common event and one which I regularly share with two... Read more »
La Pere du Fleuve

River Dad-Le Père Du Fleuve

When I was younger, Spring Break meant wondering when I was going to finally make it down to Fort Lauderdale and experience one of those hedonistic weeks that only seem to exist... Read more »

What am I?

Early one weekend morning, my daughter sat down at the counter, pencil in hand, and asked the one question that every parent dreads.“Dad, what are you?” My first instinct was to answer... Read more »

Decorating Children

The Powers That Be (Madison Avenue, Illuminati, librarians, take your pick) decree that the Christmas season begins the instant your stomach digests the Thanksgiving turkey. Personally, I like to wait until the... Read more »

Fear of Puberty

Puberty. The very word can send a parent running to the hills in terror. Puberty is the unholy gateway to adolescence. According to whispered stories told by shell-shocked parents behind  closed doors... Read more »

Taking The Playland Plunge

I moved to the Rivertowns five years ago after having spent the last dozen or so years in and around Los Angeles. Throughout my twenties, I was less than an hour away... Read more »
Baseball, River Dad

Play Ball!

At some point last fall, my then-four-year-old son told me that he wanted to play baseball. Tears of joy streamed down my face. I love baseball. I have loved baseball my entire... Read more »

Archiving the Children

Each and every day after school, I unload my kids’ backpacks. I check to see what food drive, conference or school trip we have forgotten, empty out the crumbs, notice if we’re... Read more »
River Dad


I have never liked snow.  Growing up in California, it seemed like something out of a disaster movie. “Put down the crystals, honey! What’s falling out of the sky? It’s cold! It’s... Read more »

For 2011… Releasing Children Into the Wild

Now that my children are a little older, my wife and I have taken to letting them out of the house once in a while and exposing them to the cruel, harsh... Read more »