Holiday Mayhem for Some – A Quiet Time for Others

Hold onto your hats! Here they come, earlier than ever, those magical and stress-inducing holidays!  I knew we were in trouble this summer when back-to-school supplies began clogging the aisles in the... Read more »

Loving the fall…Hatin’ on winter!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the fall! The brilliant colors, apple-picking, haunted hayrides, orange pumpkins, warm days, chilly nights and the smell of wood fires in the dusky twilight –... Read more »

Tea for Two and Two for Tea – Helping Senior Couples Stay Together

Everyone knows that one, special elderly couple, who although up there in years, is still managing to keep it together. Perhaps they are leaning on their neighbors, just a bit, in between... Read more »

Hospitals – Always a Safe Haven but What is Up with these “Observation” Stays?

Whenever I see an ambulance whizzing by, lights flashing and sirens going, my first thought is always, “I hope everyone belong to me is safe at home or wherever else they are... Read more »

From Breaking Winter’s Back, Valentine’s Day and Spending Time with Seniors…..Yup, It’s All Here!

I always feel that once we get through January, we have broken Winter’s back. In my mind’s eye I can see a calendar in which January’s page always looms larger than that... Read more »
Hope Springs Eternal by Cathy SantaColoma

Hope Springs Eternal… the saying goes

January 1 is my annual chance for redemption. It’s an opportunity to do all the things I didn’t do the year before….or the year before that. How can it be that in... Read more »

Christmas is a time for the young…..and the old!

It seems like I just put all the Christmas stuff away! The annual dragging of the brittle, petrified Christmas tree down to the woods, the packing away of our Christmas dishes and... Read more »

When Alzheimer’s Disease Hits Home

It is very unsettling, indeed, to witness a loved one falling prey to Alzheimer’s. It’s hard to reconcile that your mother, father, aunt, uncle, or friend who looks the same, sounds the... Read more »

Call of Duty – Now it’s Our Turn to Serve Aging Veterans

We take so much for granted. It’s human nature. On some level we know we appreciate whatever it is, silly or serious – the convenience of a TV remote, barbecue-flavor chips, electricity,... Read more »

A License to…Worry

My father taught me how to drive on a little, white Datsun pick-up truck with a manual transmission. I practiced in our backyard, a large rectangular acre, perfect for going around in... Read more »