Keeping the Frail and Elderly at Home & Independent!

We all have that older relative or friend who is doing okay, but doesn’t get around quite as easily, isn’t going out as much and has a growing assortment of pill bottles... Read more »

Living Longer – Tips from the Internet

We have so much information at our fingertips. It is cliché, but the internet has literally brought the world to our doorstep. Even the most obscure detail on the most obscure topic... Read more »

Tips for Healthy Eating

We all know we’re supposed to eat “healthy.” Oatmeal instead of a donut. Salad instead of a hot dog. Grilled chicken instead of mac and cheese. Even though we know the consequences... Read more »

Baby Boomers Join the Ranks of Seniority

Bob Dylan had it right, when he sang, “the time’s they are a-changing.”  Of course, every generation since the beginning of time can lay claim to such an observation. Be it fire,... Read more »

Putting a New Spring in Your Step (And Yes, Pun Intended!)

Now that Spring has arrived, our focus becomes the outdoors. We want to be outside. We need to be outside. For seniors, who especially feel the impact of winter hibernation, the ability... Read more »

Taking the Plunge for Alzheimer’s Research

The fliers had been up for a while. Blue paper with snow flakes and bold print announcing that Bethel’s Recreation staff was going to jump in a lake for Alzheimer’s research sometime... Read more »