Who Doesn’t Love October?

The most beautiful month of the year is here. October’s got it all! – Spectacular colors, the smell of wood fires, pumpkins on doorsteps, flannel shirts, Halloween and so much more! I... Read more »

Back to School for Children; Back to Life for Adults

Remember when summer really was all about those “lazy, hazy days?” Squeaky screen doors in wooden frames, big glasses of Kool-Aid and those crazy, uncomfortable, metal chairs that would burn your bare... Read more »

It’s All About the ‘Tude

Everyone ages at a different pace. Genetics play a huge role, of course, but so does attitude. The person with the upbeat, “can-do” attitude who has approached all aspects of their life... Read more »

Creating an Accessible and User-Friendly Living Environment for Seniors

Working in the area of senior living and healthcare, my thoughts often turn to my own aging and how I will manage when I am less independent. Of course, there are no... Read more »

The Struggle Between Good and Bad…..food choices

God knows it’s hard to eat right. It’s not that we don’t know how to or want to, it’s just sooo difficult. We grasp the importance of taking care of our bodies... Read more »

Memories and Reminiscing – Transcending Through Time

My brother and I were my parent’s world. The special bond we all had was rooted in my parent’s  departure from Ireland in the 1950’s, where they had both come from large... Read more »

Lifting Winter’s Heavy Mantle of Hibernation – Bring on Spring and Socialization!

Okay. Not to sound like too much of a whiner, but I am so done with this winter and we are only 17 days in!  It doesn’t help that my birthday happens... Read more »

Holiday Mayhem for Some – A Quiet Time for Others

Hold onto your hats! Here they come, earlier than ever, those magical and stress-inducing holidays!  I knew we were in trouble this summer when back-to-school supplies began clogging the aisles in the... Read more »

Loving the fall…Hatin’ on winter!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the fall! The brilliant colors, apple-picking, haunted hayrides, orange pumpkins, warm days, chilly nights and the smell of wood fires in the dusky twilight –... Read more »

Tea for Two and Two for Tea – Helping Senior Couples Stay Together

Everyone knows that one, special elderly couple, who although up there in years, is still managing to keep it together. Perhaps they are leaning on their neighbors, just a bit, in between... Read more »