Letter to the Editor: The Need for Noise Cameras

To the Editor:

Many elected officials, myself included, receive constant complaints from residents about excessive noise. Cars, some with illegal mufflers and motorcycles race up and down streets around town in the middle of the night – impacting residents quality of life. The noise is unbearable and very loud.  On Sunday I shared an idea on the town website that was presented to me by former County Legislator Ruth Walter of Yonkers that could significantly reduce the problem: noise cameras. I received numerous emails and phone calls from residents throughout the town applauding this proposal.

Former Legislator Ruth Walter introduced local officials to a British-based company called Intelligent Instruments. They provide noise camera equipment to NYC, Miami and some high end neighborhoods in Great Britain that have had similar complaints. The noise cameras enable code enforcers to enforce noise limits on vehicle owners that exceed noise levels. The technology enables local governments that take advantage of the program to issue summons based on the noise camera documentation of excessive noise levels.  Noise laws are enforced by local statutes. NYS does not allow speed cameras in NY towns and village. But, the town and villages have authority to enforce our noise laws. So we don’t need state authorization for noise cameras which are not governed by the Vehicle and Traffic laws.  I would love to see the noise camera concept tested out. It could solve a big problem that some residents have.

A big thank you to former County Legislator Ruth Walter for taking the time to meet with local officials from communities around Westchester.

Paul Feiner
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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