Fresh fruit

My Quest for the Perfect Snack

I thought I had it all figured out today. It was right there and it was so simple. Forever changed was going to be your snacking habits. But then something […] Read more »
Happy Cheerleader

May Really Is Fitness Month… Who Knew?

You really can learn a lot from your local library, even just by stepping through the front door. Like for example, I had no idea that May was known as National […] Read more »
Warrior pose

Get Rid of Lower Back Pain With This

I’m pretty sure you all know what it is I’m about to say so without any further ado, I’d like for you all to meet… Exercise. Exercise, this is everyone. Wonderful, […] Read more »
Think Big. Dream Big.

A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Fit

There are a lot of people out there who watch The Biggest Loser and finally this season I decided to give it a look-see to gain some insight as to […] Read more »
Woman exercising her core

6 Reasons for Strengthening Your Core

Your core is basically the center of your personal universe. If something goes wrong there, you could feel it all over and it could be debilitating. The core consists of […] Read more »
Girl holding weights

5 Reasons to Start Exercising Today!

You know you should do it but you think, “Would it really matter if I hold off one more week? I have that party coming up this weekend and I […] Read more »
Measuring weight loss

The Cleansing Craze. Is it Worth Trying?

Whenever I mention “cleansing” to anyone, more often than not I hear a similar response. “Oh yea, Beyonce did one, the lemon drink with the cayenne pepper.” I had to […] Read more »
It's that time. Lace 'em up and get outdoors!

Time to Spring Clean Your Fitness

I don’t know about you, but boy, when that sun hits my face and that warm breeze gently washes over me, caressing the pasty white skin of my winterized body, […] Read more »