What Is It About Weight Loss That Scares You?


Ok… I’d like to add an addendum to last weeks post on visualization, if I may. What I’m going to offer up is a little deeper probe into the whole visualization technique so that you’re not sitting there spinning your wheels, wondering why that sweet reward always seems so damn elusive!  I just read a very interesting blog post titled “Are You Still Visualizing”, (maybe I should have read this before writing my last post but hey, sometimes I’m late to the dinner table), written by Cathy Wilke, a Business Alchemist and Holistic Business Coach—and new student of Warrior Rising I might add. (What’s that? You don’t know what Warrior Rising is? Do you live under a rock? Before anyone realizes you’re not as savvy on current trends as you admit, take a quick lookie-see over here and get acquainted!)

Now that I’m done with my shameless plug… let’s move on. Cathy’s post (which you can see on her site freedomandfulfillment.com), dives a little deeper into the visualization practice by informing us that it’s not JUST about being able to see yourself as you want to be (down to the size dress you want to be, feelings you want to possess, praise you want to receive, etc.), but what you must get out of your own mental pathway to get there. (You know all that chatter in your brain? The good, the bad and the ugly? We need to clear out some of that negative stuff to get you on your way it would seem.)

We can all sit back and paint a pretty picture for ourselves and then wait for that thinner, slimmer, fashion diva that we all want to be to magically appear. That’s the easy part apparently. What Cathy lets us know is that there is indeed much more work to be done here. Visualizing is only the starting point. (Clearly the practice of visualization is not so easy as I had intimated in my last blog post. However, as with everything in life, the things that are the most challenging to accomplish are actually the most rewarding—hello parenthood.)

So we need to dive a little deeper into the psyche in order to ‘manifest’ what we visualize. We need to do a little housecleaning, open up the mental shutters and peer into those dark little places where our fears hide so we can come face to face with them, try to understand them, and then recognize them for what they are: little energy suckers that do nothing but keep us from achieving our true potential. This is true in any area of your life. For example, for me I visualize myself as a very successful, compassionate, and knowledgeable trainer… but there is that little fear in me that what if I become too overloaded with clients and I can’t service them properly because there are too many? (Yea! for successfully building a roster of clients, but then comes the eek! how can I be the best for all of them?) Things start to shut down here and that little tiny fear turns me into that shy, meek, unconfident little girl I used to be and BOOM, I’ve just manifested my fear into real world trouble (and an empty bank account!) Clearly this is my mental blockage, and as Cathy points out, ‘I’m in my own way.’ I’m the reason I’m not moving forward and attaining what I’m visualizing because I’m sabotaging myself with my inner speak.

Since there are so many women out there who are looking to lose weight and go to extreme measures to obtain that (have you heard about the feeding tube in the nose to lose weight? You see, Houston we have a serious weight problem here!) There is a great populace of yo-yo dieters who are looking at the situation in the wrong light. The problem is not that you eat too much and therefore need to insert said feeding tube into your nose so you can lose weight; no, no, no my dear, the problem stems from a source buried deep in your psyche and you need to smoke it out like bees on a hive. To be really happy with who you see in the mirror everyday, you need to roll your sleeves up and dive in, as Cathy states. It’s a physical world she explains and no action = no results.

So I ask, what is it that you fear most about your weight loss potential? Is it that you think your friends will be jealous? You husband won’t be supportive? (Or once you’re at your perfect weight, you’ll be too good-looking for your husband? 😉 ) If you’re ready to start your weight loss journey, procedures like bariatric care or others like coolsculpting treatment in addition to diet and exercise, may be able to help. Consult experts that offer CoolSculpting in Gurnee, IL or Body Contouring in Houston, TX for additional guidance. You can find them in places like Burt & Will Plastic Surgery and Dermatology or Radiant Reflections Weight Loss Clinic & Medspa.

Take a good moment or two and stick with this question. Think about all the things you’ve done to lose weight (and keep trying to do) that have ended in failure. Are you in fact sabotaging yourself and if so, why?  Whatever it may be, really sit and think about it. As Cathy says, you may be surprised with what comes up. Once you do this mental housecleaning, I wouldn’t be surprised if you a whole new you starts to come to life! Exciting, don’t you think?

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