Visualizing the Sweet, Sweet Reward

You ever get to that point where you’re really pretty close to getting those last few pounds off your midsection and you’re so pumped that you’re only 5, 10 or 20 pounds away from total success… and then the stresses of daily life start to creep in? Maybe you have to monitor pizza Friday at your kids school and you end up eating a sliver of a slice. Later in the day there’s a birthday party for your kid’s best friend and you sneak in a nibble of a brownie coated in frosting. When you get home the kids are so jacked up on sugar that you end up pulling out that kitchy wine glass that boldly declares “Mommy’s Time Out” and proceed to fill it to the rim with red wine (I’m only having one you proclaim, so it needs to do the trick!) After that monster goblet empties itself out, you then go in frantic search mode for that old piece of easter candy that you hid from the kids and are certain that you never actually threw out and that you WILL find it!

You get the picture right? Life happens and all good efforts get thrown by the wayside.

Well not this time!! Don’t let life slip back in! (Well you know what I mean. We can’t actually avoid our kids so as to keep the headaches and stresses that come with being a mom at bay, but instead we can learn to control them… I think. I’m still new to this mommy thing. Anyone care to enlighten me if I’m wrong?!)

Don’t let the halfway point of achieving your goal be your tipping point. Keep going strong, keep pushing yourself and keep the motivation going. One way you can make this happen is to visualize your reward. Visualization is such a powerful tool and one that can help you in many areas of your life. Picture yourself feeling sexy and strong, buy that gorgeous dress and know that when you wear it you’re going to feel like a million bucks! Imagine the confidence that will exude when you walk into a room. Feel the compliments your husband will shower you with when you show him that you can in fact do more push ups than him (and with better form ;))

You need to visualize and feel how it will be to make it to the end without giving in to any, even the tiniest of stressors that may enter into your life. Don’t let a bad day ruin you for squats and breathing techniques. It’s those things are easy to let go of that actually do more for you than three slices of pizza!

Maybe you’d prefer your goal to be something more tangible, like a facial or massage, giving your body a well-deserved treat (both physically and mentally). Or maybe giving yourself more time by setting aside specific ‘Me Time’ works for you, so all your hard work isn’t tossed aside as the needs of your family start to take precedence. Realize you’re just as important as your children and you too require some rejuvenation time (and don’t feel guilty about that!) Allow yourself time to meditate, to breathe, or to try something new.

Whatever you want to see happen in your life you can make happen by believing in it and visualizing it. (I realize I’m starting to get all “The Secret” on you and while that book may be a little out there for many, I do believe that there is power in your thoughts!)

Now, there is the other side of rewards and I’m pretty sure you all know that I’m not talking about that kind of reward. (i.e. setting up shop at the Cheesecake Factory, sipping on Lemon Drop martinis, eating precious mouthful after mouthful of strawberry, chocolate swirl cheesecake with the caramel crust. I agree, it sounds awesome but things like that are best shared with about 20 of your friends—thus granting you about 1/2 spoonful of cheesecake.)

The rewards I’m talking about are ones that can actually help you in your daily life to feel more confident, powerful, balanced and totally less stressed!

So take five minutes today and think hard about what you want to see happen. Decide on a goal (and that goal can change as you change, nothing is set in stone), and work towards that goal. Keep it in front of you and go for it! It’ll definitely help to keep you on the right course and motivation will be all around you at all times.

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