A Little Mental Food for Thought

Here’s a little something to think about in how you can make a positive change in your life with the simplest of objects.

When I was little I always loved, LOVED being able to buy new stationary. To me there was nothing better than a fresh new journal filled with flowery pages just waiting for me to write in with my new fancy pants pen. I had so many journals that when I came across them not too long ago, I had many laughs, embarrassing moments (my GOD I hope no one read that!) and a few touching moments as I saw how much I’ve changed in my life and how much I’ve actually stayed the same.

These days, I’m still about cute journals but find that I don’t have the time (or patience) to sit for very long and write down my thoughts or ponder the day’s events to find some small little cute thing my little baby did to jot down (I really should make that a habit because as we all know, time flies and babies grow up fast!)

What I go to now are not the flowery journals but instead something much more industrial and a lot less cute. Enter sticky pads! I loooooove me some sticky pads. I literally buy one and I think, this is going to change my life! (I realize that’s terribly odd and the chances that it’ll change my life really depend on me, not the pad, but I get excited regardless!) My thought process here on how these sticky pads can change my life is pretty simple. I mantra on them.

Mantra’ing is a practice. It’s so easy for my mind to get cluttered with everyday tasks and things that need to get done that I never have time to sit and think about my life in a positive way. It’s always, “Where do I have to be next” and “What are we having for dinner; what do I need from the grocery store” and forget about it when it’s nap time – it’s like a mad dash to get all the housework done because you never know if you have 20 minutes or two hours! It’s all mentally and physically exhausting. So… every now and then I need a reminder to just be. And that, my friends, is where the stick-to-anything sticky pad comes in.

I currently have two sticky notes stuck to my fridge (the most frequented place in my house!) One says to me,”Balance”, and the other says, “I can…”. Those two simple notes remind me to relax, and to remember that there is a balance to this world and to my life that needs to be maintained if happiness is what I am after. I can’t do too much of one thing without another thing falling off course.

And to say “I can…” is actually a very strong and emotional statement that simply means that I have the intelligence, the ability and the support to get done whatever I need, or more importantly, want to get done.

So for now, “Balance” and “I can…” are what get me through the tough moments in life. As the days progress, I’m sure I’ll need a different little pearl of wisdom scribbled on a sticky note but for now, those two are serving me very well.

And there you have it, proof that a sticky pad can change a life!

What is your sticky note telling you?

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