Letter to the Editor: Why I Support Adam Schleifer

To the Editor, 

Adam Schleifer

In a time of political turmoil, we need a strong leader who will fight for justice. This leader is Adam Schleifer, who is running for a seat in New York’s 17th Congressional district. Adam has had a lifelong commitment to social equity and a more inclusive America, as the grandchild of Holocaust survivors and as the brother of someone with special needs. He understands fighting for fairness, which is why he demands justice for the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd as well as accountability for those responsible for their deaths. Adam supports the peaceful protests across the country and attended rallies this weekend, including one organized by the NAACP in Peekskill, to stand in solidarity with Black Americans.

Adam has spent the better part of his professional career standing up to bullies, fraudsters, and cheats, to ensure that everyone is able to pursue their version of the American Dream. As a federal prosecutor, Adam protected our environment by prosecuting environmental crimes and aggressively worked to take guns out of the hands of violent criminals. As an Assistant U.S Attorney, he prosecuted those who thought they could take advantage of hard working Americans. 

This is why I support Adam. Not only because he has a track record which depicts his devotion to the American people, but because I too am the grandchild of Holocaust survivors. I grew up in a household that taught me to stand up for those facing inequality from a young age. When you come from a family that has faced any sort of discrimination or prejudice, whether it be due to religion, race, sexual orientation, etc., it is ingrained that you must stand up for those being targeted. You must stand up for what is right. At a time when some people are finding every way to discriminate, we need a leader who is ready to fight back. Adam knows how to stand up to bullies. He understands what justice means and how to work to get it. He is ready to represent our district in Congress. 

Clara Ritterman-Peña
Hartsdale NY 10530

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