Letter to the Editor: Why I am Supporting Jennifer Williams for State Assembly District 92

Jen Williams (photo: Janine Thompson)

Dear Editor,

I would like to share with your readers why I wholeheartedly support Democrat Jennifer Williams for NY State Assembly. I have known Jen for 12 years both personally and as a partner working at her charitable organization; Women of the Congo. Jennifer’s motivation for Women of the Congo came from an article she read about the brutal sexual violence happening to women in Democratic Republic of Congo. She channeled her shock and horror about these atrocities occurring halfway around the world into building an organization that raised enough money to fund one third of the Panzi Hospital in Democratic Republic of Congo. This hospital was specifically built to help women physically and emotionally heal from these horrific attacks.

Just as passionate as she was about Women of the Congo is how she is about the opportunity to enter into public service and NY state politics. Jennifer is a highly ethical straight shooter, mother, wife, former small business owner and avid volunteer. She would bring all of these different and valuable perspectives to Albany.

Coming out the other side of this pandemic and rebuilding Westchester is going to require fresh innovative ideas for restarting and elevating small businesses, a creative approach to public health, and bringing much needed honesty and transparency to Albany.  Knowing how passionate Jen can be about the causes that matter to her is incredibly refreshing but the fact that she combines her passion with intelligence, motivation, creativity and a strong work ethic makes me very confident that she would do a wonderful job representing us, the 92nd District as our State Assembly Representative.

Thank you,

Allison Waguespack

Irvington, NY

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