Letter to the Editor: Money Spent on Government Services Pays Dividends

To the Editor:

Challenger Rob Astorino

Astorino’s fiscal conservatism may be very popular with those who would rather hoard their money than pay taxes that would benefit themselves well as their fellow citizens, but in the long run, money spent on government services is an investment that pays dividends, AND saves money. For instance:

(1) deferring routine maintenance on roads and bridges (as Astorino did while he served as County Executive), means you wind up paying more 3 or 4 years down the road, when that infrastructure needs expensive repairs; AND
(2) Spending money on keeping people in their homes prevents homelessness and keeps communities from spiraling downward, leading to more crime and lower property values.

Cutting government funding is a short-term “sugar high”, that gets people like Astorino re-elected, but eventually, reality bites back.

Joanne Scutero

Hawthorne, NY 10532


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