Letter to the Editor: In Support of Pete Harckham

To the Editor,

Senator Harckham

I’ll be straight with you. When Pete Harckham announced for the New York Senate in 2018, I had no idea who he was and I did not support his candidacy. But when he won his primary, I joined his campaign and worked for his election. For he was certainly superior to his Republican predecessors, many of whom operated under an ethical cloud, and one even ended up in the slammer for corruption.

When Pete took his seat in Albany, I began to follow his activities closely and I got to know him personally. And now, two years later, I’ve become a true believer.

Although a freshman lawmaker, Pete leapt right into the fray and has left his mark on a multitude of legislation that has greatly benefited us all. Whether controlling the opioid epidemic, supporting our public schools, protecting our environment, ensuring women’s reproductive health, fostering gun safety, combatting child abuse, ensuring the safe decommissioning of Indian Point, or limiting our taxes, Pete was there, acting to ensure our interests were advanced. And he still found time to meet with us and listen to our concerns.

There is no question that Pete Harckham has truly earned another term in the Senate.

And what of Rob Astorino—ignominiously defeated in his last two elections? All you really need to know is that he’s a buddy of Donald Trump and one of Trump’s most ardent supporters.

Want more? Recall that during his tenure as County Executive, Astorino drastically slashed funding for the Department of Health, Community Health Centers, mental health services, child care, food pantries, and more. The very agencies we so desperately need during the coronavirus pandemic.

So on November 3, join with me and let’s send Pete Harckham back to Albany to continue the vital work he’s been doing for the past two years. And, of course, don’t forget to cast your vote for Joe Biden as well.


Joel E. Gingold
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520

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